Are you looking for automatic cat feeders and food dispensers? Stop and wait to read this piece to gather all information you need to properly feed your adorable cat.

Cats have very compulsive behavior, which means when hungry, they’ll do everything in their power to get food. And it includes scratching your face to Early in the morning, fill its bowl with food. Moreover, what if you want to go on a vacation, how would you leave it with no one to take care or feed?

Nutrition is an essential part of taking care of your pets; teaching your cat to look for food is also a skill critical for survival. Even though cats are considered resourceful, having an automatic food dispenser for cats will make their life easier. Along with that, you will be able to protect your loving cat from diseases that can be caused by eating food scraps from outside.      

People who live alone with their cats often face a similar dilemma when they leave to work. Rather than worrying about your cats, make a smart decision, and find the best automatic cat feeders in the market. These feeders will give you control over how much your cat is eating and allow you to feed them even when you are not at home.Are you looking for automatic cat feeders and food dispensers? Stop and wait to read this piece to gather all information you need to properly feed your adorable cat.

There are programmable food dispensers and feeders available in the market to keep both dry and canned food items. With such appliances, you no longer have to stress over your cat’s eating schedule, and the cat won’t rely only on you for a meal.

Today, we will cover all aspects of the purchase to determine what kind of product would be most suitable for you. As there are many aspects and features of food dispenser for cats, it is vital that we account for all of them and narrow down the features you must consider while buying such products. Let’s start with the basics, and after that, we will dig into the products.

List of 13 Best Automatic Cat Feeders & Food Dispensers for Cats:

Cats are quite self-sufficient when it comes to survival. So, honestly speaking, they don’t need us to find food or provide for them. But domestication has changed this aspect of the feline behavior. Nowadays, cats are restricted to homes. Due to that, their hunting instincts usually go to waste, and they can only rely on the owners to hive them food.

At that point, having a food dispenser for cats can give them a sense of independence. Furthermore, they will make your day-to-day feeding tasks easier to handle, and you can also have the liberty to make vacation trips and plans without being concerned about your cat.

We reviewed the best automatic cat feeders and food dispensers available in the market for the benefit of our readers. Here is the product list that we believe are most useful for cat owners.

1: Gravity-Based Food Dispenser for Cats

Gravity-Based Food Dispenser for Cats

When you look for the best automatic cat feeders, WESTLINK has a product that will mostly come at the top. It is a preferred choice for cat owners because of the abundance of features. You can record your voice to call when it’s time for feeding your cat. It comes with small to large portion divisions of 10 to 400+ grams, which will make four meals a day.

Even the programming of the device isn’t sophisticated. And after programming, even if your cat is super-intelligent, it won’t be able to feed itself more than it should. There is even an in-built infrared sensor in the feeder to prevent food blockage and unnecessary dispense of the food.

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, this product is available at $64.99 and proven to be the best automatic cat feeder. The key features include:

  • Dispense 1-39 portions by picking the size and unit for dry meals
  • Ultra-low power consumption to ensure the device lasts longer
  • The large storage capacity of 6L
  • Affordable and Pet-friendly

2: PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder

One of a kind feeder and food dispenser for cats is the PetSafe feeder. It is an all-rounder appliance that can hold a large amount of kibble that would last for weeks. There is a digital time on the feeder so that cat parents can program up to 12 meals in a day with suitable portions. The controls are on an LCD screen, which makes it easy to operate.

PetSafe cat feeder is designed for both dry and semi-moist food. Furthermore, most of its components are safe to wash using a top-grade dishwasher for a thorough and convenient cleanup. The stainless steel feeding bowl makes the feeder even more durable.

One of the prevalent advantages of this appliance is that it comes in two variants. The first one operates with a power adaptor, and the other one is cordless. Most of the cat owners prefer the model without a power adaptor to ensure that the cat doesn’t trip over the wires while learning to feed.

There is a slow-feed program in-built in this dispenser so that it’ll pour the food in the bowl after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from eating too much. Even though the feeder costs more than $90, we can say that it is worth every penny you spend. Rated 4.4 stars on Amazon, thousands of people have bought this automatic cat feeder and deem it as the best one. All the features further convince the pet owners to make the investment happily.

  • It has the potential to hold up to 24 cups of food
  • Pause feature to stop and activate the dispenser
  • Battery can last up to 1 year
  • Pet proofing to keep the paws of your pet out from the feeder
  • A portable feeder that can be placed in any corner of the house
  • Meal splitter to provide for two cats at once

3. SureFeed Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder

A microchip pet feeder is the most sci-fi food dispenser for cats you can get. Available on Amazon at $149.99, this high-tech automated cat feeder will work perfectly with almost all kinds of different microchips.

By using the RFID collar tags, the dispenser automatically activates and brings up the kibble when the microchip owner comes near it. At once, you can store 32 microchip identifications in the feeder. Whether you have that many pets or just a huge number of collars, make sure that you add the chip identity in the feeder.

Microchip feeders are often ideal for cats on prescription diets and weight management programs. The 4.5-star rating on Amazon is proof that the appliance is useful for the cat owners. And with the model design and features you are getting, it will be a good deal for you.

  • Store 32 microchip identity at once
  • Lids are sealed carefully to prevent pests from spoiling the food
  • Most appropriate feeder to feed multiple pets
  • Comes with a three-year warranty

4: Arf Pets Feeder

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

Another best automatic cat feeder on our list is Arf Pets Automatic Feeder. It dispenses a 24mL portion of food that can be poured out four times a day. The reason this feeder lies on the fourth number is the lack of customization for portions. The easy-open lid will make it easier for the cats to come and get enough food to fill up its tummy, and yet it is strong enough to keep them away to avoid overeating.

Meant only to be used for dry kibble, this feeder has an LCD screen and touch controls to set the ideal eating schedule for your cats. Just like the PetSafe feeder, this one also comes with both a battery power source and an adapter. Besides that, you can record a meal call of 10 seconds to call your lovely cats to eat on time.

The four-star rated automatic cat feeder is available at only $79 with more than enough positive reviews. Customers are mostly satisfied with the product quality and see it as an excellent choice.

  • Store up to 1.14 gallons of food
  • Durable ABS plastic with easy to clean components
  • Magnetic locking lid to keep the pets out before the mealtime
  • Low key upkeep with distribution feature
  • Suitable for other pets as well

5: Bergan Gourmet Cat Feeder

Bergan Gourmet Cat Feeder

It is one of the multipurpose food dispensers for cats that serve as a Gravity Cat Feeder & Water Fountain. It comes in three variants and styles, i.e., Elite Feeder, Petite Combo, and Petite Feeder at $31.10, $29.99, and $26.45, respectively. The most popular choice is the Petite Combo as you get both the cat feeder and the water fountain. The combo pack includes a water container of 1.5 gallons of capacity and 6lbs of dry food. Both capacities are great when it comes to storing, as it is enough to last for a couple of days.

There is a wide opening on the top of storage containers for easy filling and cleaning. The lid is specially designed to make certain that the food or water doesn’t spill. The gravity feeder works as usual by pouring the food out of the container when the levels drop in the bowl.  A stable base is provided to the feeder to prevent it from getting knocked over by hungry cats. The absence of the portion-control feature allows the cat to feed freely as much as it wants.

Talking about the water fountain, it’ll make drinking easier for the felines. The hygienic and simple design of the feeder and water container will keep the feeding area clean. As this feeder is slightly cheaper than the other ones, you can buy multiple ones if you have more than one pet. Rated with 4-star on Amazon, you can choose any of the variants as all of them are deliberate to fit the active lifestyle of pets.

  • BPA-free plastic increase the durability of the model
  • Lids are integrated precisely to prevent food and water spillage
  • Perfect size for cats and dogs

Function-Based Automatic Food Dispenser for Cats:

Now that we have the five best automatic cat feeders, it’ll be easier to know the most suitable feeders’ choice for felines. However, not everyone would prefer buying these appliances. So, here we are listing down some more feeders based on their functions to help you narrow down the options and buy a food dispenser for cats that is budget-friendly. We have enlisted some extravagant products as well so that the cat owners can pick something that suits their style.

Electronic Automatic Feeders for Cat:

Aspen Pet Lebistro Feeder

With 3.5 stars on Amazon, Aspen might not be the best automatic cat feeder, but it certainly has some features that can make it worthwhile. The device is suitable for both cats and dogs. It is a proper choice for dry food items and prolongs the refill time. It has an LCD screen running on three D batteries to set the portions and schedule the meals.

It has a capacity of 18 cups to store smaller quantities as required. The bowl also locks securely in its place with the twist-lock lid. You can take out the bowl and clean it with regular water without any hassle. Whether you choose to store food or water in this dispenser, it’ll work fine as both.

The price is $69.95 due to the stable body and durable material used to design this feeder. There is no doubt that it is an innovative feeder made for busy cat owners. It also has a long-lasting battery life so that you never have to worry about power outages interrupting your cat’s mealtime.

Homdox Feeder for Pets

Best Automatic Cat Feeders & Food Dispensers for Cats

With features like programmable timer, portion control, voice recording, IR detection, etc. it is a superior choice amongst the food dispenser for cats. You can program the appliance to provide four meals a day to your cats. When you have these feeders in your home, your cat won’t bother you that much if they get hungry early in the morning or late at night.

It is also a great choice for weight management and keeps the food fresh to use for a longer duration. The user-friendly setting panel will help you set the food volume and time, and the setting will be saved for further customization. You can record a voice message to call out to your pet when you are not at home. It dispenses means with accuracy and has a smart cat-proof lid. So, you can go to parties and short trips without worrying too much about your loved ones.

Gravity Cat Feeders:

AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Feeder and Waterer

AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Feeder and Waterer

When you have this food dispenser for cats in your home, things will certainly get easier. It works like a provider-on-demand system for both food and drink. Ideal to be kept both inside and outside the house, it is worth only $25.99. The storage capacity of this feeder and waterer is enough to keep your cats well-fed without consuming electricity.

It is environmentally safe, and the non-toxic plastic body also accounts for the cat’s health. It can easily clean the spacious storage unit and bowl with warm or cold water using hands or a dishwasher. Hence, no need to think twice before buying it.

OUTAD Automatic Pet Feeder

OUTAD Automatic Pet Feeder

The sleek design and clear finish of this device make it one of the best automatic cat feeders you can find over the internet. Record your voice message and play it whenever you want the cat to come and eat. Program the feeder for up to three meals a day with a size of 1.4 to 3 cups, and the dispenser will serve it accurately. The main container of the feeder can hold up to 5.5 L of food, which means that the food will last for a week if you have only one cat.

The inbuilt-battery will last up to 6 months, and after that, you can buy new ones. The body is also impact and heat resistant to protect the feeder from the cat’s scratching or the outside temperature. It will be quite practical if you are planning for a weeklong trip.

Automatic Cat Feeders for Wet Food:

Petwant Jempet Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Petwant Jempet Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Every cat owner knows this: handling wet food for cats is way tougher than keeping track of the kibble. Hence, you will need a food dispenser for cats that can store wet food up to a sufficient quantity. This feeder can be customized easily to feed the cat five times a day. There are five compartments build in carefully to hold about 240 mL of dry or semi-wet food with a total capacity of 1.2 L. The food tray is easy to remove and clean to make sure that your cat doesn’t end up eating spoiled food.

Set the feeding time through the controls and use any one of the two power options. You can use the house power supply to operate the device while you are at home. And when you plan to go on a trip, put the batteries inside and let your cat find its food. It even has a flexible Standby Mode to set the feeder on hold if there is no activity for 25 seconds to save electricity bills and batteries.

PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder

PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder

Another feeder that can lie in our list of best automatic cat feeders is this one due to the handy ice pack that can keep the wet food fresh and hygienic for longer hours. It works on the simple function of a 48 hours countdown timer. In 48 hours, you can store two meals in the compartments. Just place 300 mL of food inside the tray and close the lid. Set the timer, and it’ll automatically open up when it’s time for your cat’s meal.

Powered by a battery, it is quite easy to use and good for portion control and setting up eating routines. Even more so, you can clean the food tray using the dishwasher and conveniently prepare the new meal for your pet. And if the product quality is not pleasing at all, you can avail of the money-back guarantee and collect a 100% immediate refund for the purchase.

Automatic Cat Waterers:

Catit Fountain

Catit Fountain

After treating your cat, it is essential that you manage something for drinking. You wouldn’t want your adorable kitty to quiver over thirst. And that’s why we include this waterer on our list. The Catit Flower Fountain is the most beautiful waterer you can find on the internet. Shaped exactly like a flower, it is a functional unit that has three different water flow settings.

It keeps the water flowing within to restrict bacteria growth and use a triple-action filter to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the water as they can cause urinary tract infections in the housecats. Available only at $27.99, this appliance can hold up to 3L and takes only a small space on the floor. The ergonomic design of the fountain keeps it quiet. There is no other thing that would go well with the best automatic cat feeders.

Utilize this water filter and water softener and give you cat clean and freshwater to drink 24/7.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. Are you looking for automatic cat feeders and food dispensers? Stop and wait to read this piece to gather all information you need to properly feed your adorable cat.

Moving on with the automatic food dispenser for cats, we have an automatic pet fountain designed by Pet Safe. It is a fancy piece of a fountain that serves three purposes- provides drinking water, prevents bacteria formation, and stylish finish to match your home décor. The Drink well Pet Fountain is a built-in reservoir with 168 ounce of capacity that circulates water quietly and inhibits impurities to settle down.

Cats adore the free-falling water stream, and it is made of BPA free plastic suitable for cleaning with a dishwasher.

What a Cat Owner Must Consider to Get the Best Automatic Cat Feeders?

An automatic cat feeder is a product that can give peace of mind to the pet owner, knowing that their pet will be fed. Still, it can be a challenge to pick the right one. So, here’s the breakdown of the factors that you must consider before starting the search.

1: Number of Cats You Have

A significant thing to keep in mind is the number of cats you own. Most pet owners can relate to this that having a pet is like having an infant in your home. You need to take care of their habitat, food, shelter, and everything else. Even more so, you will have to control their habits as well. Hence, it will be your responsibility that you create a habit of eating promptly.

If you have one cat, teaching it when to eat will be easier. However, as the number of cat increases, the efforts required on your behalf will also increase. It is a possibility that all the cats you own will develop different eating habits. As a result, you might end up spending a lot of time feeding them, especially if one or more cats prefer a special diet. Take note of all the habits of your cats regarding food and only then begin your search.

2: Size of Your Cat

Size is directly proportional to the amount the cat might eat. Even though most cats are about the same size, you must pay attention to their size. When you buy food dispenser for cats, you must get one that doesn’t topple with their weight. Cats have a naughty and playful nature. And it’s most likely that they might jump around the feeder. Hence, it is important that you get one that is bigger than your cat and have better stability.

Besides that, the size of the bowl will also depend on your pet size. Tiny cats will have a problem eating in big bowls with taller rims. That’s why; you should always keep the cat’s size in mind while researching for feeders and food dispensers for cats.

3: Other Pets in Your House

Some people like to keep one or more pets in their homes. For example, if you have a cat and a dog in your home, there is a chance that they will try to eat in the same bowl. However, nutritional requirements for different animals are met with different food items. Hence, in order to prevent your dog or other pets from eating in the cat’s bowl, make sure that they can’t put their mouth inside it.

And if you don’t have any other pet, skip this point, and let’s move on to the features you will need in the food dispensers for cats.

Must-Have Features in the Best Automatic Cat Feeders:

Comparing and contrast are how anyone determines the best options for a particular product. The same concept is viable to find a feeder that is appropriate for the cat. While some feeders and dispensers are designed as a universal product, you can also find many specialized ones.

If you think knowing what features your small friend is most likely to need is only possible for a cat lover, then you are wrong. Even if you are only thinking of getting a pet, it is still possible to understand their needs and narrow down the features that must be present in the best automatic cat feeders and dispensers.

Amount of Food:

Let’s start with the most perceptible one, the amount of food that the dispenser can hold at one time. As we said, cats are naughty, and if there is some food left in the bowl or plate, it’ll start playing with the food, hence, wasting it. So, make sure that you have better control over the amount of food dispensed by the feeder.

An automatic cat feeder that knows how to deliver a proper granular portion of food and has an adjustable setting will be the right one to purchase.

  • Accuracy

You might buy a product and later realize that its performance is not as same as you expected. It mostly happens with cheap feeders whose accuracy controls aren’t effective. The food delivery system must be able to calculate exactly how much food to dispense.

Some feeders have a standard lid-lift mechanism to calculate the amount, and it’s proven to be accurate. Nonetheless, it is better if you test it yourself by weighing the food.

  • Efficiency and Capacity

Most cat food dispensers are designed to hold one or two meals at once. But others restrict the capacity to only one meal at a time. The cat owner’s concern is the thing that will become a priority in this aspect. There is no need for a bowl that can hold tons of food. But it must have enough capacity to hold food that will last at least a couple of days. This way, you can be certain that your cat can still feed itself while you are away for a few days.

  • Quality

If you buy cheap food dispenser for cats, the lower quality will reflect on its performance. Even though it is possible to find a feeder that is cheap and works fine, not everyone is that lucky. Mostly, you get what you pay for. It means if you compromise with the rates, you will be compromising with quality.

At the same time, there is no guarantee that if you buy an expensive one, then it’ll be wonderful. It is the mechanism that matters. To check the quality, we suggest that you look at the customer reviews and choose a top-quality brand that is reliable and trustworthy in terms of high-grade materials and sustenance of the product.

  • Power Options

For power, you get a wired and wireless option. Both have significant value when it comes to operation. At the same time, they also have some disadvantages. For instance, if you use a battery-powered dispenser, it might run out of power while you are not at home. Simultaneously, using a wired dispenser means that it can only be operated when connected to a power source. Still, the better solution is battery-powered cat feeders with optimal capacity. Hence, the feeders with larger batteries will last longer and be more useful for the cat owners.

  • High-Tech Features

The high-tech features further expand into a wide variety. Some users don’t consider high-tech features as important as others. However, other cat owners find them incredibly helpful when it comes to taking care of their beloved pets.

  • Timer

With a timer, you can schedule what time the dispenser will pour the food into the bowl. Setting the timer will ensure that you don’t need to keep track of time to feed your cat. It will activate automatically, and you can even set different portions of food for a different time. It is a great feature to ensure that your cat doesn’t end up overeating, and you can manage its diet remotely.

  • Voice Recording

Cat lovers admire this feature as it allows the pets to listen to their voices even when they are not at home. Some cats develop a habit of eating after listening to their owner. If your cat also has a similar habit, this feature will be quite useful as it’ll make the cat feel more comfortable.

  • Gravity Feeders

One convenient feature that is present in the best automatic cat feeders is the utilization of gravity. It allows the cat to self-regulate its food consumption. However, you will have to teach him/her to operate the feeder; otherwise, it’ll end up hurt trying to get food.

  • Works with Wet Cat Foods

When it comes to wet food, the cat owners don’t really get much of choice. If you try hard, it is possible that you will find a few. Some feeders in the market come with sections where you can put ice packs to keep the wet food items cold. The cold feature plays a vital role in ensuring that the food doesn’t spoil.

  • Wi-Fi Controls

Modern technology has made it further easier for cat owners to control their pet’s diets with Wi-Fi controls in their feeders. It is a feature that would allow you to control the appliance remotely by using an application on your phone. One fact that we’d like to mention is that you might experience some connection issues as the technology is slightly new and under development.

Know About the Types of Automatic Food Dispensers:

When you are about to start looking for the best automatic cat feeders and food dispensers, you’ll come across several different types based on the functions, appeal, safety, etc. Learning about these different types will increase your knowledge, and you’ll be able to determine which appliance to buy for your cat.

1: Gravity-Based Food Dispenser for Cats

Working alone with gravity’s power, this type of feeder doesn’t come with time scheduling or adjustable features. Still, they offer a convenient solution. The gravity feeders are low tech and yet the most affordable choice. It works very simply as the food is pushed out from the container until the bowl is filled. And once the bowl fills up, the food will stop falling. As there is no electronic component working for operation, these devices don’t require maintenance other than occasional wash and refill.

2: Programmable Automatic Cat Feeder

With this type of food dispenser for cats, you will get a programmable appliance where you can control when the kibble falls out and in what proportion. They come with scheduling features too so that you can feed your cats on-time.

3: Programmable Dish-Style Automatic Cat Feeders

Similar to the previous one, these programmable feeders come with several food compartments. It will allow you to set a schedule to open up the food compartment, and your cat can eat from it. As there is a restraint on the number of divisions, they are not ideal for longer outings. You can mostly feed the cat only six meals before it needs a refill.

It is one of the best automatic cat feeders hours for wet cat food that will store the food for up to 24. Even though they have limited capacity, it is quite handy for cat owners who carefully control their pet’s intake.

4: Smart Automatic Cat Feeders

The best automatic cat feeders will be the ones that you can synchronize with your smartphones. Some appliances that belong to this category also have webcams so that you can watch your cats through the feeder remotely. However, these feeders also have a dark side. They are very expensive, and the features seem only impressive in theory. Still, it can work as a standard programmable feeder.

5: Microchip Automatic Cat Feeders

Such feeders have a slightly different technology that works with sensors to pour food in the bowl. Its access can be restricted to one pet or more so that other pets can’t use it. Most of these microchips work together with a sensor that is attached to the pet’s collar for access control.

Make the Final Decision

With so many options to opt from, you can pick anyone as the all-around food dispenser for cats. Looking over the cat’s needs to stay healthy and fit, you must get an appliance with multiple functions to make your life easier. Taking care of cats is a very challenging task as you need to play the role of a parent. Moreover, the amount of food a cat needs regularly depends on a wide variety of factors such as their dietary needs, age, activity levels, size, etc.

Sometimes, it’s enough to feed an adult cat twice a day, and other times, even a small size kitten might need meals five times a day. So, you need to prepare everything to make certain that your cat is well-fed and has the liberty to eat properly even if you leave the house.

To purchase the best automatic cat feeder, you can consult with your veterinarian and determine the best appliance and appropriate schedule for your cat.