GPS technology is a blessing in so many ways. From theft recovery to improved safety, there are so many benefits of a GPS tracker. For instance, the “Find my friends” app employs GPS technology and allows you to share the cat location with your close ones in case of cat lost or missing

If you are a cat parent who is constantly worried about your pet’s whereabouts, then you must equip yourself with a GPS tracker designed for cats. As per American Kennel Club, the past five years have borne testimony to around 15% of pet owners losing track of their location. 

Generally, cats love to roam around and explore new surroundings. In such scenarios, a compact GPS tracker is the best solution. Here is how a GPS tracker designed for cats work. This device is attached to the cat’s collar. Meanwhile, the cat parent can use his or her smartphone or any other suitable device to check the cat’s location from time to time. 

The 9 Best Cat GPS Trackers in the Market

There are loads of GPS trackers doing rounds in the market. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

1. Whistle Cat GPS Tracker

There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

The Whistle Cat GPS Tracker is the first item on the list. It is a lightweight device that can be attached to your cat’s collar without any hassle. The Whistle GPS tracker comes equipped with an advanced GPS and tremendous cellular technology that can help you determine your cat’s location effectively. 

The Whistle Cat GPS Tracker app allows cat owners to keep an eye on their pets on smartphones, tablets, and so on. This app makes it possible for pet parents to know where their cats have been over the past 24 hours!

Another reason users consider this device to be cat GPS tracker is the “Safe Space” feature. Thanks to this feature, you can designate safe spaces, including your home or the houses of your relatives and close friends. You will receive an update the moment your cat exits the parameters of the designated safe places. 

The device is compact, durable, and waterproof. The lightweight design ensures that your cat doesn’t face any trouble when sporting a Whistle Cat GPS Tracker. The batteries are rechargeable and low energy which means that they can last for almost a week between recharging. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight Design: The Ultra-lightweight design ensures that the tracker won’t weigh down your cat and allows your pet to play around freely. 
  • Waterproof – You don’t have to worry about the tracker getting damaged by water.
  • Safe Spaces: This device allows you to mark your home and the places of your friends and family under safe spaces. It will send you alerts the moment your feline friend leaves a safe distance.
  • Durable and Rechargeable Battery – The device has incredible battery life. It can work for almost seven days without charging. 
  • View Your Cat’s Activity – You can know what your cat did over the last 24 hours. 

    2. Tabcat Cat Tracking Collar

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    As compared to other tracking devices, the Tab cat Tracking Collar may seem simple, but it is profoundly compelling. The contents of this device include two lightweight tags and a compact handset. When you activate the latter, it releases sounds and color-coded lights to show you when you are getting closer to your cat. 

    If you are in a rural environment, this device is perfect as it has a range of 400 feet. Unlike other conventional trackers, this device can pinpoint your cat’s location up to one inch. The device is resilient to wear and tear. The CR2032 batteries are long-lasting and can help these devices run for months at a time. 

    Key Features

    • Lightweight: The device can be attached to your cat’s collar easily.
    • Contents: It includes two tags and a single handset.
    • Range: 400 feet; Best for rural areas
    • Great Directional Technology: The device can pinpoint the location of your cat to within an inch. 
    • Waterproof and Durable: The device is well-designed and is perfect for day-to-day use.
    • CR2032 batteries: Long-lasting batteries that can work for months.
    • Other Cues: This device sends out audio-visual cues to cat parents to help them track down their pets. 

    3. Tile GPS Tracker

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    Tile Mate is a popular name in the market, thanks to its wide range of products that can help people locate valuables, including keys, phones, and wallets. this tracker can also help you keep an eye on your cat, who loves to explore. 

    The device comes in the form of a small tag that can be attached to your cat efficiently. With the help of Bluetooth technology, this device lets you know about your cat’s location. If the device is within 100 feet, it will play a loud sound to alert the pet owners. However, you should take precautions if your cat is sensitive to loud noises. 

    There is also a community of other Tile Mate users. When you activate this feature, other Tile users in the range of the lost Tile or cat can alert you about its location. The device also has impressive battery life. 

    Key Features

    • Bluetooth Tracker: This lightweight tracker employs Bluetooth technology.
    • Split Ring: The tag comes armed with a split ring to ensure easy attachment.
    • Tile Community: There is a community of other Tile users to help you in need. 
    • Sound Cues: if you are within 100 feet of the lost Tile, the small tag will exhibit loud music.
    • Durable Battery Life: The device has 12 months’ worth of battery life. 


    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    Developed by Whistle, this GPS cat collar is unlike any other. It uses top-notch GPS technology and the USA’s largest wireless network to help cat owners locate their feline friends. There is an app that offers all the notifications about your pet no matter how far it has gone. 

    The is well-made collar that comfortably on the necks of cats. Whenever your cat leaves any safe areas, you will be notified. Also, the tracker offers essential information about your cat’s health and fitness. You can even set down fitness goals for your cats. If you are looking for a tracking device that functions as a cat collar and offers you insight into your cat’s health, then this cat collar from Whistle is best cat GPS tracker for you. 

    Key Features

    • Battery: Rechargeable and enduring battery life. 
    • Alerts: You will receive alerts when your cat leaves any designated safe place. 
    • Health and Fitness: The device lets you be in the loop about your cat’s activities and allows you to set down activity goals for your pet. 
    • Interface: The app comes equipped with an easy-to-use interface. 
    • Range: This cat collar offers an unlimited distance range. 
    • Data Plan: This device relies on a cellular network and GPS. Hence, a data plan is required. 

    5. Tractive GPS Tracker

    The Tractive GPS device is lightweight and long-lasting and allows you to check your cat’s live location at any time or anywhere. All you need is the smartphone app or the internet browser. It can be attached to your cat’s collar easily. 

    The app also allows you to designate “Safe Zones.” You will receive updates whenever your cat leaves the “safe zone”. The version mentioned above has been designed for pet owners living in Europe. Users in the US can make use of the worldwide option on the Tractive website. If you wish to use this tracking device, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. 

    Key Features

    • Waterproof: This device is 100% waterproof and can be used in the rain as well. 
    • Safe Zone: Users can mark places under “safe zone” and receive alerts whenever their cats wander out. 
    • Monthly Fees: Users will have to pay a subscription fee every month. 

    6. TrackR Pet GPS Tracker

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    The TrackR GPS device can be attached to anything that is of great value to you. You can even connect the device to your cart! 

    Owing to its desirable features, many users consider it to be Cat GPS tracker. The device is so lightweight that your cat won’t even feel its presence. This device employs Bluetooth and applications for smartphones and tablets to keep users in the loop about their cats. 

    The app will display your cat’s last-known location on a map. If you think your cat is nearby, you can activate a ringer and find your cat using the sound. In case your cat leaves your immediate area, other TrackR users can come to your help. These chips come in the classic colors of silver and rose gold. 

    Key Features

    • Bluetooth: This tracking device is equipped with Bluetooth to help you locate your cat. 
    • Broad Uses: This tracker can help you find a wide range of things.
    • Ringer: The “ringer” feature can alert you to your cat’s whereabouts if it is nearby.
    • TrackR users: Other TrackR users can come to your cat’s rescue if it has wandered far away

    7. Girafus Cat Tracker

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    Unlike other tracking devices, this one relies on Radio Frequency or RF technology to help users locate their cats. The device is very accurate and can help you find your cat up to 1600 feet. 

    Many believe that RF technology is even better than GPS. If accuracy is what you are looking for, then the Girafus device is cat GPS tracker for you. These tracking devices are powered by AAA batteries and can last for 30 days. 

    Key Features

    • RF Technology: The Girafus cat tracker works on Radio Frequency technology. 
    • Batteries: AAA batteries are long-lasting
    • Range: 1600 feet
    • Audio-visual cues: These cues can help you locate your cat faster.

    8. Pawscout The Smarter GPS Cat Tracker

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    This cat tracker looks and feels like a regular ID tag. It is also lightweight and durable. The device relies on Bluetooth and smartphone-based applications to keep your cat safe. 

    There is a community of other Pawscout users who can help you when your cat strays out of your immediate area. The device has a range of 300 feet. You can also create a profile for your cat and update valuable information, including medical details, any other conditions, and so on.

    Key Features 

    • Bluetooth: Relies on Bluetooth technology and other apps. 
    • Waterproof: The device is waterproof and resilient to wear and tear.
    • Range: 300 feet
    • Pawscout Users: The community of Pawscout users can help you locate your cat when it wanders out into an unknown area.

    9. Gibi Cat Tracking Collar

    Airtag Cat Collar with Breakaway Bell, Reflective Adjustable Strap with Air Tag Case for Cat Kitten

    This tracking device is perfect for both cats and dogs. If you are on the lookout for cat GPS tracker, this device is an ideal option due to its beautiful features. It offers information about your cat’s live location, no matter where it is. GPS and cellular technology combine to provide a limitless range. 

    You can even share your cat’s location with your friends and family to make your job easier. The battery is long-lasting and durable. 

    Key Features 

    • Location Sharing: Share your cat’s live location via Google Maps.
    • Battery: The battery is rechargeable. You will receive updates whenever your battery is running low. 
    • Subscription: Monthly subscription is mandatory. 
    • Range: Limitless


    • Brand: Gibi
    • Model: 4GBIOOOOO
    • Weight: 8 ounces

    10. Any sun GPS Tracker

    There is list 9 Best Cat GPS trackers. To help you find the best cat GPS tracker out there, we have compiled a list. Read on to know more!

    The Anysun GPS Tracker for cats and dogs comes armed with a powerful location monitoring service. There is an app available for smartphones. To receive accurate alerts, you can open your cat’s location on Google Maps. 

    This device is waterproof, shock-proof, and durable. The battery is long-lasting, and you will receive alerts when it is about to run out. 

    Key Features

    • Battery alert: You will receive alerts when your device is about to run out of battery.
    • Monthly Fee: It is a subscription-based device
    • Live Location: Provides your cat’s live location via an app.


    • Brand: Anysun
    • Model: AS909
    • Weight: 12 Ounces

    GPS Cat Tracker: Buying Guide and FAQ

    Features to look for in a Cat Tracker

    If you are searching for the best GPS cat tracker in the market, these are the features you should have in mind. 

    • Range – Different tracking devices have varying degrees. Some widgets have a range of 300 feet. Meanwhile, specific devices can locate your cat anywhere in the world.
    • Tracking Method: Devices rely on a variety of technologies to find your cats. These include GPS, radio frequency, Bluetooth, and cellular networks. 
    • Interface: Cat Trackers employ two main types of interface –smartphone applications and handsets that utilize audio-visual cues.
    • Durability –Make sure that your cat tracker is waterproof and resilient against wear and tear.

    Que. 01 . Why Should You Use a Cat Tracker?

    You must equip yourself with the best GPS cat tracker for the following reasons:

    • Reduces the chances of your cat getting lost. 
    • Helps you to locate your cat quickly.
    • Helps in reducing your anxiety about your errant cat. 
    • These trackers are generally easy to use. 

    Que. 02 . What Are the Differences between Cat and Dog Trackers?

    • Cat trackers are smaller than trackers for canines. 
    • Since dogs tend to wander away farther than cats, their trackers rely mainly on cellular technology. 
    • Cat trackers usually rely on GPS and RF technology.

    Que. 03 . How do Cat Trackers Work? 

    • The cat has to wear a tag or a chip of some sort. This tag or chip emits an electromagnetic signal. 
    • Another device receives the signal and determines the location of the lost cat. 
    • The data is then converted to easily understandable information for pet owners. 

    Que. 04 . How long do Batteries of Cat Trackers last? 

    The best GPS cat tracker must have long-lasting battery life. Some batteries can last for a whole week or a month even. Meanwhile, some can go for a year without recharging.