Cat trees are the best way to keep your cat or cats entertained, socialized, and relaxed. They have different features like scratchers, resting areas, high perches for observing their surroundings, and multiple levels for exercise. A cat tree fulfills all the interests of cats, including their passion for climbing, scratching, and play. A cat tree can also protect your furniture from damage or scratch by cat.

If you have a big cat and are looking for a cat tree for large cats that won’t break under their weight and has a scratching post, we have found the best ones on Amazon for you. We have a variety of designs to choose from that are strong and fun for your big cat to play on. It doesn’t matter if your cat is old or young, we have something for all cats. So, if you want to give your cat a fun place to play, take a look at our list.

11 Best Cat Tree for Large Cats with Scratching Post on Amazon

We will provide you with options of the best cat tree for large cats with scratching posts available on amazon. Keep on reading till the end for better knowledge. 

The best tall cat trees for large cats with multiple levels

If you have more than one cat, you need to get a cat tree that can hold their weight and has multiple levels to avoid them climbing on top of each other. A good cat tree should also have spacious beds, platforms, and cubbies for all your cats.

Cat trees are beneficial for your cats because they provide a scratching post, a place for exercise, a safe sleeping location, and an excellent view of their surroundings.

We have found the best tall cat trees for large cats with multiple levels, and we have included links to the products so you can buy them directly from the site.

1. Mellifluous Fur Fabric Kitten Cat Tree

The Mellifluous Fur Fabric Kitten Cat Tree is a cozy and fun place for your furry friend to play, sleep, and scratch. It has multiple levels, soft fur fabric, and a sturdy structure. You can easily assemble it and place it in any room of your home. Your kitten or cat will love it!

PAWZ Road Cat Tree 32 Inches Cactus Cat Tower with Sisal Covered Scratching Post, Cozy Condo, Plush Perches and Fluffy Balls for Indoor Cats

Key Features

  • DESIGN: This charming tiny cat tree gives your four-legged friends a place to scratch, play, hide, and sleep. The condo provides a hiding place, the fluffy ball amuses them, and the top perch is the ideal seat. Their desire to scratch is satiated by the scratching poles.
  • MATERIAL: Fabric made of fur is silky and comfortable against your pet’s skin. Scratching posts are made from jute rope.
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: To maintain cleanliness, this item is simply cleaned with a brush or a dry towel.
  • ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: A page of guidelines is provided to make assembling the product straightforward.
  • Dimensions: Small: 18 x 16 x 30 inches; Medium: 22 x 18 x 30 inches.

2. Mellifluous Fur Condo Activity Cat Kitten Tree

The Mellifluous Fur Condo Activity Cat Kitten Tree is a multi-level cat tree that offers your furry friend a cozy and fun place to play, rest, and exercise. Made with soft and warm fur fabric, it features several levels and platforms for cats to climb, jump, and lounge on, as well as a private condo where they can hide and relax. With sturdy construction and an attractive design, this cat tree is perfect for kittens and cats of all sizes and ages.

Go Pet Club 62" Classic Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo for Indoor Cats with Scratching Posts, Condo, Ladder, Soft Perch, Hammock, Basket Bed, and Tunnel

Key Features

  • Design: With this multi-level cat tree, you can provide your four-legged pals with a cozy place to unwind and play. The condo is the ideal spot for cats to hide because they enjoy doing so, and the bed will offer them the most comfortable place to do so. 
  • Material: Fur fabric is utilized to make it soft and comfortable on your pet’s skin. The scratching post is made of compressed wood and a strong jute rope.
  • Assembly Instructions: A page of instructions is given to make the product’s assembly simple. Put it up against the wall for additional safety.
  • Washing Directions: This product is easy to clean with a dry towel or a brush, assuring the hygiene of your cat.
  • Size: (18 x 18 x 51) inches long, wide, and high.

XXL Cat Trees for Large Cats: Supersize Your Cat’s Comfort

Indoor cats need a place to stretch, scratch, and play, which is why cat trees are important. However, getting a cat tree for big cats can be tricky as it’s not just about looks. You need to consider factors like weight restrictions and anchoring. Regular cat trees are below 60 inches tall and have one or two perches, while XXL cat trees are 60 inches or taller with multiple perches, scratching posts, and condos. They’re great for households with multiple cats, kittens, or cats that love to climb. Here are the top two XXL cat trees for large cats.

3. Heybly Cat Tree 73 inches XXL Large Cat Tower

The Heybly Cat Tree 73 inches XXL Large Cat Tower is a perfect choice for your big furry friend. It is designed to provide your cat with a comfortable place to rest, play and scratch. With multiple levels, perches, condos, and scratching posts, this cat tree is ideal for households with multiple cats or large cats who love to climb and play. The tower is made of high-quality materials and is sturdy enough to support the weight of your big cat.

Heybly Cat Tree 73 inches XXL Large Cat Tower for Indoor Cats ,Multi-Level Cat Furniture Condo for Large Cats with Padded Plush Perch, Cozy Basket

Key Features

  • 3 roomy, well-padded top perches: Ideal for households with numerous cats. Several interested kittens can simultaneously lie on a soft, high place to examine the scenery outside the window.
  • Two huge cat condos: The condos are roomy enough to accommodate a hairy, overweight cat without becoming uncomfortable. They are also appropriate for cats who prefer to stick together.
  • Stability: Active kittens and cats playing on the activity center are safe thanks to the base of the cat climbing frame being reinforced, the scratch posts being covered in sisal, and the anti-toppling measures.

4. JISSBON Cat Tree 66.9Inch Multi-Level Large

The JISSBON Cat Tree is a 66.9-inch tall, XXL cat tower designed for large cats. It has a sturdy construction with multiple platforms, scratching posts, and a comfortable hammock for your feline friend to relax and play. This cat tree is perfect for households with multiple cats or large cats who love to climb and scratch.

JISSBON Cat Tree 66.9Inch Multi-Level Large,Activity Centre Cat Tower Furniture,Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts,3 Padded Plush Perches,Dual Condo

Key Features

  • All-in-one cat house: Equipped with three well-padded top beds, two comfortable condominiums, a basket, and a hammock, the multi-level cat tree tower gives your cat a fun and little space to play, exercise, or a warm house for a good nap.
  • Safe and Stable: The cat tower is safe and stable thanks to the reinforced foundation board and high-quality particle boards that make it an eco-friendly piece of household furniture.
  • Durable cat scratching tower: Strong poles wrapped in natural sisal rope keep your cats’ claws trimmed and off your furniture; comes with an extra ball toy as a bonus.
  • Easy assembly: This cat tree is simple to install and operate thanks to the inclusion of all necessary tools and accessories. Please feel free to contact us with any queries, both before and after the transaction.

Having an XXL cat tree at home is beneficial for your cat’s health and happiness. Not only can it satisfy their natural desire to climb and scratch, but it also provides them with a secure place to rest and relax. It can also serve as a stress-relief station, allowing your cat to vent their energy and frustration.

Adjustable cat trees for large cats with customizable heights

Cats like to be up high so they can see everything going on in the house. Cat trees have high ledges where cats can rest and feel safe. They can also watch birds outside from the structure near a window. You can get a cat tree that is adjustable to fit your cat’s needs. Cat trees come in different heights and complexities, but most cats like the ones that are high up. Some cats like options that provide cover or a private space, which can be at any level of the structure. Adjustable cat trees have all these features, and we will share the two best ones with you.

5. PawHut 9′ Adjustable Height Floor-to-Ceiling Vertical Cat Tree

The PawHut 9′ Adjustable Height Floor-to-Ceiling Vertical Cat Tree is a tall and flexible cat tree that can be adjusted to fit any ceiling height. It has a variety of platforms and perches that your cat can climb on and relax. It also has scratching posts to help keep your cat’s claws healthy and a dangling toy to play with. It’s a great choice for any cat owner looking for a customizable and fun piece of furniture for their furry friend.

Cat Craft 4-Level Carpeted, Adjustable Floor to Ceiling Climbing & Perch Cat Tree, Extra Large (Fits 7.5-9 Feet Ceiling) Brown

Key Features

  • Activity center: This floor-to-ceiling cat tree may be mounted to the ceiling using the tension rod that is included and has a height range of 90.5″ to 102.25″. It has 3 sisal rope scratching sections and 5 tiers of carpeted platforms.
  • Safe and sturdy: The cat tree is made entirely of non-toxic, pet-friendly P2 grade particle board and has rounded corners and edges for a comfortable, safe feel. Paper tubes with a 3.5″ diameter offer improved stability.
  • Warm cushion: All the boards are covered in soft, 220gsm short plush, giving your cat a warm, cozy feeling that will put them at ease while they play or sleep.
  • Save your furniture: This small cat furniture features a tall, vertical scratching post and a modern, elegant design.
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 15.75″ L x 13.5″ W x 90.5″-102.25″; Overall Product Weight Capacity: 33 lbs.; Per Platform Weight Capacity: 17.5 lbs.

6. PETEPELA Cat Tree 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower Height Adjustable

The PETEPELA Cat Tree 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower Height Adjustable is a perfect playground for your cats to climb, jump, and play around. It features five tiers with soft and comfortable cushions and multiple scratching posts to keep your feline friend entertained for hours. With its adjustable height, it can fit in any space and accommodate cats of different sizes. This cat tree is a great addition to your home and ensures your cat’s health and happiness.

PETEPELA Cat Tree Plush Cat Tower Multilevel Cat Play House with Sisal Scratching Posts, Spacious Hammock and Large Condos Upgrade Beige

Key Features

  • Climbing Tree with Adjustable Height: The cat tree is made up of 5 tiers of push-covered platforms, with a spacing of 17.3 inches between each pair.
  • Better Sturdiness from Thicker Posts: Compared to other cat towers on the market, this one has posts that are 9 cm (3.5 inches) in diameter, which significantly increases the structure’s sturdiness and extends its lifespan. 
  • Designed for Cats’ Natural Instinct: Cats are naturally attracted to heights, and this cat tree’s height, which extends all the way to the ceiling, will make them happy to reach the highest point in the house.
  • Space-saving & Easy to Move: You may place this cat tree anywhere you’d like.
  • Easy assembly without problem: Simple and easy to Install the cat tree scratch post.

Wall-mounted cat trees for large cats with limited floor space

Cats are accustomed to seeking out high vantage points from which to monitor potential threats, and a cat tree can offer a secure haven from ground-level annoyances like dogs, young children, and vacuum cleaners. Simply said, safety is a big part of the attractiveness of a cat tree. So these wall-mounted cat trees provide the cats with enough space to move freely. We have tried to list down two best wall-mounted cat trees for large cats. 

7. Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Large Cats Shel

Wall Mounted Cat Shelf Cat Wall Furniture Cats Climbing Shelves Cat Hammock Perch Steps Scratching Post Cat Bridge Ladder Wooden Indoor Modern Tree House Set

Key Features

  • Beautiful wood cat shelf measures 15.7 x 13.7 inches to accommodate even the pickiest felines! Beautiful cat furniture for your lovely kitty.
  • Matching cat’s wall: This hammock, a chic new design for cat furniture, is mounted on the wall. It gives your cat a place to perch, rest, and look around vertically.
  • Support machine wash: The ability to quickly remove fabric for washing reduces time spent.
  • Solid wood handmade: Beautiful and practical pet furniture that is handcrafted from rubberwood.
  • Easy to install: Tools and simple to follow instructions are included, and in less than 30 minutes, your cat will be exploring their new vertical cat steps territory!

8. FUKUMARU Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Wall Mounted Jute Scratcher Pine Hammock

FUKUMARU Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Wall Mounted Jute Scratcher Pine Hammock (Cat Activity Tree-Updated)

Key Features

  • ALMOST LARGE: 36.6 inches. Tall enough for the cat to fully stretch out. Additionally, cats of all ages can use the scratching post due to its hammock design. Cats of all ages—kittens, prime, mature, and senior—can scratch, play, and rest on it.
  • ADVANCED CAT FURNITURE: Compared to other common cat trees that clutter your home, it is stronger and safer for your cats.
  • STURDY & SAFE: Made of pine and jute, which is organic and protects the environment. Both versatile and simple to install. As long as the proper screws are used, it may be adjusted to fit any wall or cage.
  • DIY Construction: The Jute Scratching Posts is simple to refresh and restructure. Create a lovely cat wall with a Cat Bridge Lounge Platform in accordance with your ideas.
  • ASSURANCE OF QUALITY: If there is a quality issue after one month, send it back, and you will receive a full refund for your purchase.

Interactive cat trees for large cats with toys and scratching posts

For cats of all ages, cat trees are fantastic sources of enjoyment. They provide a safe, elevated location away from the hubbub, a vantage point to take in the world, and a variety of possibilities for beneficial exercise like climbing and scratching. They’re a fantastic setting for cats to, well, be cats!

The good news for cat owners is that cat trees today go much beyond the uninspiring expanse of beige carpet that we’re all accustomed to. There are many options available now, ranging from straightforward towers to striking statement pieces to enormous jungle gyms with all the bells and whistles. Now we will provide you with the top two interactive trees for large cats available on amazon. 

9. Lnrueg Playing Scratch Activity Toy For Small, Medium, and Large Play Cat Tree

Modern Cat Tree Tower, Real Branch luxury Cat Condo, Wood Cat Tower, Cat Scratching Tree, Cat Condo, Cat Lover Gift, Luxury Cat, Cat Gifts by Mau Lifestyle

Key Features

  • High quality: Cats may easily and safely leap on or off the cat tree thanks to its sturdy construction and good balance.
  • The cat scratching tree is constructed of sisal, lint, and plush.
  • Functions: Your cat will be less likely to harm your furnishings, drapes, sofas, etc. by using the cat scratch post to grind its claws.
  • Size of cat post tree: 41 x 33 cm (16.14 x 12.99 in).
  • Features: Your kitten will pay attention to the cat tower with the plush ball since it’s so entertaining and exciting.

10. RK Enterprise Pet Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope Tree Large Cat Activity Interactive Toy

Cat Scratching Post 33 inch Tall Scratching Post for Indoor Cats Large Cat Scratching Post with Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher for Indoor Cats Cute Cat Scratching

Key Features

  • This natural sisal rope cat scratching post is extremely robust for scratching and biting cats.
  • The non-slip bottom ensures that they can play for the longest possible time.
  • Specifically made to efficiently curb cats’ natural want to scratch furnishings and satisfy their natural scratching urge.
  • Please review the product description before making a purchase.

The Best Heavy Duty Cat Trees for Large Cats

Like other animals, cats appreciate having a home of their own. To satisfy your cat’s desire to perch high, find a cat tree with a shelf big enough for him or her to sprawl out and relax. You can provide your cat the ideal home if the tree has a cubby lined with soft material that you can occasionally remove and wash. But don’t be shocked if your feline love prefers the interior of your linen closet or the top of the refrigerator!

We have tried to come up with one of the best heavy duty cat trees for large cats. Keep on reading till the end.

11. BEAU JARDIN Cat Tree for Large Cats Heavy Cat Condos and Towers for Big Cats

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Houses Hammock, Cat Tower Furniture Kitty Activity Center Kitten Play House Grey MMJ03B

Key Features

  • Extra large top perch & bottom condo: With an enlarged top perch and base condo, this 32.3 inch high cat tree is an excellent choice for large cats. A large cat tree with plush, extra-large, padded top perch (21.7inch-L x 19.7-W) and raised edging provides opulent relaxation for your giant feline pals. Adult cats can relax, take naps, or sleep in comfort in the spacious base condo (22.8inch-L x 16.1inch-W x 15 inch-H).
  • Thickened scratch post: A thick cat scratching post completely wrapped in natural sisal rope to encourage exercise, allow your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws, and keep them from destroying your furniture. The dual condo playhouse offers your energetic kittens and cats the ideal place to hide out and take a sleep.
  • Maximized stability: The focus should always be on stability. The entire cat furniture tower was built with strengthened poles and thickened natural particle boards to increase stability and support the entire cat climbing tree. The bottom base of the cat tree is strengthened to maintain general stability. This cat condo will be spacious enough for your large cat and entertaining enough for your young child. Tools and instructions are provided for hassle-free assembly.

Why cat trees are important for large cats

Numerous studies have shown that we are spending more time and money on our dogs than on other people today than ever before. Cat trees for large cats are among the best purchases to make when you want to spoil your feline buddy.

Especially if you frequently find your cat leaping up on kitchen counters and scratching furniture. You should spend money on a cat tree as your next piece of furniture. Cat trees are good for your cat’s health for the following 6 reasons.

  1. Gives Them Their Own Space

Dogs are more sociable than cats are. There will be times when they want to snuggle up on the couch next to you, but there will also be times when they’d like to be by themselves. especially if there are other pets in the house. They will have a private, protected haven in the tree.

  1. It’s Fun

After a few months, your indoor cat will probably start to become intrigued. They often hop on high closets or refrigerators. They must be amused. Your furniture will, unfortunately, become a meal if they don’t have a structure to climb.

A cat tree may provide hours of nonstop entertainment, especially the really tall ones. Kittens can leap from perch to perch while playing with the linked toys. A tree will be able to correct your cat’s behavioral issues.

  1. Exercise

Yes, your pet’s four legs like to sleep. Cats require exercise just like dogs do. They must play, jump, and exercise in order to keep their weight at a healthy level.The structure provided by trees enables your cat to exercise as needed without requiring you to walk them on a leash.

The tree and all its additions will keep your cat busy and entertained, especially if you’re gone from home for extended periods of time. This will prevent them from destroying furniture out of boredom, including couches and chairs.

  1. To prevent cat anxiety

Some cats are prone to feeling anxious. When you bring a new pet home, when there is a loud noise, or when visitors arrive, they will hide below beds and furniture.

By giving your frightened cat a cat tree, you might give her a sense of security. Spritz some catnip on its perches to watch your furry companion go from tense to calm and relaxed. Your pet will then begin to identify the tree with safety whenever danger threatens.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Cats are notoriously fiercely possessive of their territory. A tree is the ideal option if you have two male cats who don’t like to share a couch or window sill. For the sake of their mental health, it is crucial that all of your cats feel secure and at home.

For huge cats, think about getting gigantic cat trees with numerous tiers and perches. Together, they will be able to coexist peacefully as each cat will be able to mark their own territory.

  1. Tower that controls

The desire to feel like the king of the castle is shared by all cat owners. They do this by climbing up on furniture that is raised high. They could spend hours there, sneering down at their subservient workers.

You can offer your cat a sense of control by building a lofty tower for them. as opposed to causing hair to cover the top of the fridge and damaging your furnishings. In the top part of the tree, they will be able to sit and clean themselves while gazing.

Purpose of cat tree for large trees

Many of the demands and instincts of their wild cat shelves still exist in our domestic house cats. Unbelievably, a basic cat tree for large cats can provide them with useful solutions to satisfy some of those demands. Cat trees can actually help with undesirable behaviors like furniture scratching and cat aggressiveness.

  1. Nail care

Scratching is a major consideration in the design of most cat trees. It is a fantastic method for controlling nail growth. Having a cat tree next to a preferred sleeping location is a wise idea because cats often desire a good scratching session when they awaken from a slumber.

  1. Stretching

Having a good stretch after waking up is another favorite cat activity. A large morning stretch is ideal on a strong, tall cat tree.

  1. Spreading Their Scent

When your cats aren’t getting along or you’re dealing with spraying around the house, cat trees and other scratching areas might be especially useful. That’s because scratching is used by cats to distribute their scent, which is an essential technique for communication, in addition to caring for their nails. Cats communicate with one another by using scent to relay a variety of details, including their preferred hangout spots and the time since their last visit. They can avoid conflict by time-sharing different regions of your house in this way.

  1. Vertical Space

Most cats feel safest when they are high up. It provides them with a superior vantage point from which to observe events and keep an eye out for predators. Your cat could encounter “predators” in the shape of other cats they don’t get along with, dogs, guests, and even youngsters within our homes. By providing your cat with ways to rise above the activity, you can reduce their dread and perhaps even their propensity to flee and hide.

Cats can put distance between each other by climbing tall cat towers and trees, which helps them avoid confrontation. The cat towers are available for use if there is hostility or if they simply need some space.

The amount of space your cat can live in a compact location is substantially increased by providing vertical space. On your floor, a few cat trees could take up space. However, your cat now gets access to new levels in other locations.

  1. Hiding Places

Many indoor cat trees feature deep beds or cubby holes. These are ideal hiding places that provide cats with a sense of security. Even if they don’t utilize such hiding areas very often, it’s still a stress-reducer knowing they’re available if needed.

  1. Sleeping and Resting Places

Since a cat can theoretically sleep anyplace, it could appear weird. Safe places to rest and sleep, however, are actually thought to be important resources for your cat. Additionally, cat trees typically provide a variety of possibilities for a lazy time that might make your cat feel safe.


We have tried to cover the best of cat trees available on amazon with you. All these trees are sturdy, condo and what not. You can easily go as per this article for buying the best cat tree for your cat. All you need to make sure is your cat’s requirements before buying a cat tree. If you have a large cat then you should consider our article and can visit our website for more such informative articles. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about cat trees for large cats:

1. What should I look for in a cat tree for my large cat?

If you have a large cat, which is defined as one that weighs more than 10 pounds, you need to make sure the tree you buy is strong enough to support it. Find a tree that won’t topple over if your cat leaps up on it by having a wider, heavier base. Investing in one with larger platforms that can handle the size of your pet is another smart move.

2. Are there any weight limits for cat trees for large cats?

You don’t need to be concerned about your chonk being too heavy because the construction can support up to 88 pounds without any problems.

3. Can a cat tree for large cats fit in a small apartment or home?

Cat trees have several health advantages in addition to being a cute jungle gym that you hope and pray your obstinate cat would use. Your cat has a special location to scratch in addition to being able to jump and play. Cats like (and need) to scratch for a variety of reasons, according to the ASPCA. In addition to intimidating other cats and marking their territory, they also utilize it to get rid of their worn-out outer claws and make space for new ones. So a cat tree for large cats can fit in the apartment easily. 

4. How do I clean a cat tree for large cats?

There is some helpful steps to clean cat tree

  1. Disassemble the entire tree. 
  2. Now repair the loose ends, trim them and remove them.
  3. Make use of a scrubbing brush.
  4. Use and take the vacuum to the fabric and cracks.
  5. Remove the stains.
  6. Roll Off the Lint.

5. Do I need to assemble the cat tree myself or can I have it delivered fully assembled?

A cat tree can be constructed from wood, branches, rope, PVC tubing, carpet, and a variety of other materials. You should be able to do the simple construction project with ease and at a fair price.