Thankfully, the baby elephant was saved by its mother who acted on her strong maternal instincts. Many animals, like elephants, show this kind of protective behavior towards their young when they face danger from predators and harm. If you want to know more about what happened between the crocodile and the elephants, keep reading!

Moms are always there for their kids, even if it means risking their own lives to keep them safe. This isn’t just something humans do, but animals too! And there’s a recent video that shows just how much animal moms care for their young.

An IAS officer named Supriya Sah shared a tweet with an amazing video. It starts with a scene where a crocodile tries to attack a baby elephant, but guess what happens? The mom elephant steps in to protect her precious calf!

Picture this: A brave baby elephant is in danger as a crocodile clamps down tightly on its trunk. But wait! The mother elephant, who was walking ahead, quickly rushes back to save her child. She stomps on the scaly predator in the swamp until it finally releases its grip on the baby elephant. According to India Today, the heroic mom then goes for the kill, crushing the crocodile even more. What an incredible display of a mother’s love and protection!

Wow, people everywhere are applauding the bravery of the mother elephant who saved her young one! Many comments show sympathy for the baby elephant, understanding that it must have been a scary experience. And let me tell you, it’s definitely not a good idea to mess with a mother elephant!

This baby elephant had a lucky escape when a crocodile tried to bite its trunk. But guess what? The heroic mother elephant came to the rescue! The little calf was happily splashing around in a watering hole in the African jungle when suddenly, like a scene from Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories,” an alligator sprang out of the water and grabbed onto the elephant’s trunk. It was a real-life adventure that ended with the brave mom saving the day!

Imagine the scene: The rest of the elephant herd stood in awe, trumpeting loudly and showing off their strength as they fought to protect the vulnerable baby elephant from the attack. And guess what? The brave little baby elephant fought back with all its might, pushing the reptile away and sending it tumbling into the dark water. It was an incredible sight captured by François Borman, a farmer and amateur photographer in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley.

François shared, “I was out in the jungle, hoping to capture some action, but this was beyond my wildest expectations! When I go out with my camera, I always hope for something amazing, and this scenario was simply fantastic to witness. I saw a group of little elephants coming to drink, and a sneaky crocodile spotted them, sizing them up and targeting the young calf playing in the shallows. But that brave little elephant had its mind set on enjoying a drink, so it boldly splashed around in the shallow, dirty water.”

What a thrilling adventure in the animal kingdom!

“It’s amazing how the world can be full of surprises, and sometimes dangers can hide in murky waters,” he explained. The baby elephant was still very young and hadn’t learned to drink using its trunk yet. It knelt down to sip water with its mouth and then stood up, reaching into the water to give it a try. Out of nowhere, the alligator leaped onto the baby elephant’s trunk and grabbed hold of it – chaos ensued!

“The calf let out a loud cry and began fighting for its life against the crocodile. Time seemed to stand still as the calf strained and almost instantly pulled the crocodile out of the water. Other elephants charged at it, and eventually, the crocodile let go of the calf. When I saw my photographs, I was overjoyed! I knew they were something truly special.”