Do you recall the strange times when you are just playing with your cat, and it suddenly starts biting your hands and fingers? It is called love bites by some and petting induced aggression by other people. More often, it is just a reaction to you may be touching a sensitive area or spot, or maybe it’s their way of telling you how happy they are.

Why Cat Bites?

Here below are some reasons why cats actually bite, have a look:


When cats are overstimulated, they tend to start biting. The common indicators of the same are growling, jerking tail, ears going back. Although at times without any clear signs to your cat starts biting you, this means that they want the paly time to be over and they do not like the petting anymore. According to science, it happens when the hair follicle receptors have got too much petting and are now hurting your kitty.

Kitten days behaviors

Kittens interact with cats with their mouths; thus, it may just be a way of expressing desire or just teething. This kitten days behavior can sometimes continue when they grow up too. This type of biting can be very gentle and of no harm; you can, however, train your kitty not to bite.

Threat response

There can be some actions you do that your cat may consider a threat, or maybe as a display of authority over themselves. If this is the reason, then the biting can be hard and painful on your body. This can become an aggressive behavior pattern over time.

To intend an action, they don’t like

Some of your actions that your cat just doesn’t like in general it could be anything you do. They can therefore bite you to tell you to stop doing that because they are certainly not liking it. This mainly occurs while you are grooming your cat. If you stop what you are doing from their biting, then it can become a habit as they know it will make you stop.

How to make your cat stop biting?

There are many ways to stop your cats from biting you, below are some common ones to try.

Try to know your cat and its biting behavior

The first step should be to know your cat and its behaviors completely, like why and when your kitty bites. If it is the cause of a response to a stress-filled situation, then take all measures to avoid it from occurring in the future. If you do not address the issue at the earliest, it can get even worse, like your cat completely avoiding you and running away from you whenever you try something out. It can be the result of your behavior towards your cat as well; if you keep disturbing them and teasing them with your hands the entire day, then it can lead to such behaviors in the long run. In short, don’t make them startled and shocked.

Watch out for signs of warning

Before your cat truly bites, there are initial warning signs that you should look out for. Read its body language as it is the best possible way of stopping them from biting beforehand. The body language can change like the tail wagging fast, pupils dilating, growling and hissing, ears straightening up, back stretched up. The more you read your cat’s body, the more you will be aware of their biting patterns, and the more you know of their biting patterns, the lesser the chances of you getting bitten up.

Regularising your playtime with the kitty

The cats are born with predatory instincts, and it’s important to relish those. Make a habit of having a playtime with your cats and enjoying every moment together. This lets the cats to bite and scratch into something every day in their playtime without harming anything else. If it’s still a kitten, then you must start playing with them at an early age. This will develop their mindset into not biting anyone when they grow up into big cats. Playing with your cat even increases their physical activity and helps them run off energy without other actions like biting, for instance.

Negative Reinforcement Techniques are a big NO.

Some pet owners tend to use negative reinforcement methods on their cats, like using a shock mat or spray bottle, and think it is alright to do that. The problem is that it is going to make it even worse violent. Your kitty will eventually start being afraid of you and run away from you whenever you come near them, same is the scenario with yelling at your cats. It can trigger violent behaviors in cats like scratching all over the house along with biting you.

Know when to put a full stop to your playtime

As discussed earlier that having regular playtime with your cats, too much of anything is not good. Consider stopping when you think it’s too much for the cat to take. If you see the cat is about to bite you, just move your hand away from their mouth and refuse in a moderate tone, remember to not yell. Your cat will eventually learn this behavior and wouldn’t want their playtime to end early the next time by biting you. It is a great way to keep your cats biting in control.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why cats tend to bite, and there is no single answer to that, and it can depend from cat to cat. Once you know how to read your kitty from head to toe, then you can definitely take control of their behaviors and actions. Above are some of the many techniques to try out before the cat gets out of hands completely. These little furry creatures can be a little tricky at times but never impossible. Try loving them and spending time with them, and it will turn out to be great.