Have you ever visualized what would you do, if you encounter any kind of catastrophe? During such emergencies, you don’t leave your people behind. Correct? And, your pets are the ones who are no less than your family members. We all know; that cats are known as slothful and aloof species, while they can be trained to be friendly pets. Considering all the facts; cats do require your devotion and affection as your children do. And speaking about emergencies, they can occur at any time and everyone should be prepared for the same. When it comes to the pet owners, their responsibility would be a bit more as they need to take care of their little pets too. As mentioned earlier; cats are considered the unresponsive kind, they should be trained with the emergency mindset as well. You just need to know, how to evacuate with your cat in emergency.

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Here; we will be discussing a few directions to assist you with, how to evacuate cats in an emergency.

Let’s begin…!! 

How to Evacuate your Cat During an Emergency? 

Pre-planning for emergencies is so challenging as you don’t know, what kind of emergency you would’ve encountered. But; whether it would be a flood or storm, you should always be prepared for the same. It is not safe to be at home during a time of emergency, neither for you nor for your cat. Yes; human safety comes first, and you would assumably not take any sort of trouble to rescue a cat. But if you care for your cat as you do for your children, you will learn how to evacuate your cat during an emergency?

Following are the best tips and tricks to make a successful evacuation plan-

Searching for a safe place

Have you ever thought to you own self, where will you go if you ever face an emergency? It could be your friend’s place or your family members. As a cat owner, you require to make sure if the place is cat-friendly or not. If you’re planning to go to a hotel- just contact them before you plan, as a few of them don’t authorize cats on their property.

During such emergencies, you can go to the pet shelters as they have all the possible amenities concerned to cats, and keeping an emergency contact list would be a wonderful idea as well. Always remember; becoming a cat owner is no less than growing your own children, you need to ensure everything is best for your little mate.

Plan for the transportation

An essential part of your evacuation plan with your cat would be your transportation for how will you manage during the time of an emergency. But, having a cat would ultimately increase your commitments- unlike dogs, cats are not at all effortless to manage in terms of transporting them with you. While training them, you require to prepare them to be comfortable with the relocations; plus, they should understand how to cooperate with you during such emergencies.

Suitable Carrier

Unlike dogs; cats are smaller in size, and that makes them quite convenient while transporting with you. Despite the fact that they are easy to be transported, the responsibility is huge. On the flip side; you need to be big enough to carry them as they can easily be irritated and unsettled during the process and that could lead to some mishappening. Netted cages and zipper sacks are not strong enough to carry them as they can harm themselves too. Instead, you can use a rigid plastic backpack with adequate ventilation and a plush blanket to make them settled.

Identify her comfy place

You need to keep an eye on your cat to understand, where she actually goes when she feels to be hidden. A study says; that whenever cats feel restless or tense, they like to keep themselves in an isolated place. Keeping an eye on her would save a little more time amid the time of an emergency as eventually, you’ll know, where your cat is.

Practice before it happens

Talk about humans or animals, everyone performs better when they practice it better. And; why wait for the actual disaster to face, when you have the time to prepare yourself for such circumstances. Plus; try to practice the evacuation drill with your cat and train her too. Simply grab the emergency kit along with her carrier, bring her out for a run, and make her comfortable with the other people.

Now, is that enough? Apparently not. Until we face a crisis; we don’t know, what is exactly waiting for us. But; by practicing with your cat, it would be convenient for you to manage such emergencies.

Give her the identification tag

Of course, you don’t want to get separated from your cat ever. But; be prepared for that too as, during the evacuation process, you can face such a situation as well. A strong recommendation is to get a rabies collar tag for your cat for her identification, containing your engraved contact details. Plus, you can even add some of the names/numbers concerned to your friends and family. But imagine; if the rabies collar tag comes off, what would you do then? 

There is an alternative also available in the market, known as microchips. Microchips can smoothly be attached to your little cat and with the help of them, you will effortlessly be able to recognize your cat. 

Above all this, you can just keep a picture of your little cat for the identification process in case you don’t have the rabies collar tag or microchip attachment- of course, that’ll consume a little more time comparatively.

Train your kitten to response

It totally depends on you if you’re able to teach your cat to respond when you call them. You can try it with a whistling sound or you can also use a bell to let her understand that you’re calling her. During such emergencies, these practices will help you control her effortlessly.

Preparation of Evacuation kit

Needless to say, every pet needs a carrier containing their essential items and during the time of evacuation, they presumably need that. Considering the evacuation, you have to have a few basic necessities for your cat’s good. Having a cat’s bag pack would be advantageous for you too as you can carry the backpack with one hand and with the other one, you can manage the required things.

Let’s discuss a few essential items to carry in your cat’s carrier-

Water bottles

Don’t assume, you will be evacuated to a place where water will easily be available. Always prepare for the worst, and carry enough water bottles for you and your cat. A cat normally can last up to 4-5 days with one-liter water. Just keep water bottles accordingly.

Cat food

Depending on the situation, you need to be prepared with her food as well. A stressed can may not require a lot of water, but you can carry some dried food in her carrier. You can also carry wet-cat foods in the sealed pack cans as it will make her hydrated as well amid such situations.

First-aid and Medication

A first-aid kit would be the best idea to carry as she can get some minor injuries during the evacuation process. If you could deal with such a situation for yourself, it would be good. You need to carry a few liquid bandages, and latex gloves and a disinfection injection (in case of cuts and scratches) would obviously help you.

Familiar essentials

During the process, your cat can encounter stress; and a stressed cat is not at all easy to handle. For that, you can just carry a few things with she’s familiar with; such as her favorite blanket, feeding bowl, and brush/comb. Just make sure one thing, she needs to feel as if everything is okay and she’ll go home soon.

Vaccination Certificates

During the time of emergencies; you may require a stay in a shelter, and they may ask for your cat’s vaccination certificates such as Feline Leukemia Virus or Rabies certificate. This specific practice can also help you out if your cat ever requires some kind of medication or you need a veterinarian for your little cat.


Depending on the crisis, you will possibly be able to manage any sort of emergency if you follow these instructions with your cat. Plus; by practicing the drill with her more often, you will feel empowered and confident to deal with such a crisis. Believe it or not; if you are prepared enough for the worst, you can manage things conveniently and feel less worried.

When you have a cat, you’ll be responsible for everything. In such a situation, having a cat would be difficult as they cannot be controlled easily during emergencies. Above all the practices, one thing you always need to remember is that the only key to controlling her is your connection with her. She will only be manageable if you have created that strong bond with your little kitten.