One of the most effective methods to keep your cat in a good shape is cat exercise. Maintaining their activity burns calories that they would otherwise consume through meals. Master should consider that their cat should do daily exercise to be in a good shape.

It is also necessary to provide your cat measured amount of food so that they might not be that lazy. Because cats are so little, adding even a modest amount of extra food every day can make a significant impact on their weight over time.

If you find cutting down the food a difficult option, then you must go with cat exercise for keeping your cat in good shape.

Cat Exercise

Try this 9 Cat Exercise Tips

A workout for cats? Veterinary experts suggest simple cat exercise will help them stay in shape.

1. Pair Up Exercise Partners

When humans go for exercise they generally need a partner for an effective result. Similarly, cats also need to have a partner for their exercise schedule. Cats are lazy and they don’t move from their place until they found their prey or any other reason to move, which can affect the body shape of your cat. If your cat is not utilizing the objects that you have brought for their exercise purpose, then you need to take charge of it.

If your cat is not doing the exercise by themselves, then you must need to push them towards their exercise schedule. You can do it by making the exercises simpler or simply by joining them in their exercise schedule. Pairing up with your cat in their exercise schedule can motivate your cat for more and makes them active as well. It will give you more ideas that how can you make your cat exercise to keep them in a good shape.

2. Try a Cat Tower

A cat tower is an effective tool for your cat exercise schedule. Other essential tools can make your cat roam around it or run to grab it, but it will not make them jump over it to attain a good height. A cat tower is a multi-tiered stand that can help your cat practice a good session of jumping from one tier to another. Most of the cats love this way of exercising, as it is fun to climb up and down.

You can buy these cat towers online or you can also visit a nearby pet store for the same. Cat tower is the best tool to make your cat learn how to climb up and down a height. This will also help you to keep your cat in a good shape. You just have to take care that while jumping from a height your cat must not hurt themselves or broke any other nearby objects.

3. Keep Plenty of Toys Round

If your cat loves to play with toys, then it is the best way to conduct cat exercise and that too without any effort. Many cats love to be around toys. Their favorite activity is to play with toys. You can take advantage of it and can use it as a way to make your cat exercise in various ways. Even this could be the best way of providing a healthy workout to your cat.

You must need to take care while buying these toys for your cat as they used to put these toys in their mouth, scratch it, throw it from one place to another, etc. In all these events, these toys must not harm your cat. The rubber toys are a good option for your cat. It will not harm them. They are budget friendly and easily available at nearby stores.

4. Have Fun with Lasers

If the toys haven’t fulfilled your expectation to make your cat do exercise or it is working but not giving the expected result, then you must try using lasers. You can buy a laser torch and use it to point at objects or to play with the cat. Believe me, this laser will make your cat move from one place to another. Cats follow the laser light, they think of it as prey and ran to catch it when you will move it from one place to another.

It works more than a toy as it can be used by the master of cat and they can set the target that how they want to utilize it and the amount of time as well. It is a quick way of playing with your cat even without forcing them to play. This is also one of the easiest ways to make your cat exercise.

5. Give Your Cat a Wand

A wand is another useful tool that can be utilized by the master of cats to make their cat exercise and stay fit, just by playing with them. Although laser is good, sometimes wand is proved even better than laser. If you are going to buy a wand then you must notice that the next end of it has either feather attached to it or it should be an artificial mouse. You can buy these wands with the things of interest to your cat attached to the next end.

These wands can be used to make your cat run from one place to another or jump to a certain height. You should make sure that your cat must not be able to catch the wand, otherwise it will be destroyed or it will be of no further use as it will not excite them to run after it. So, you should keep the wand at a good height and distance from your cat.

6. Use Catnip Wisely

Catnip is a good toy for making your cat exercise schedule easy. Many cats loved these types of toys as they are soft and your cat can play with them anyhow. These toys do even not hurt your cat while playing, and your cat might love to play with it if they got familiar with that catnip toy. But this trick won’t work in all cases.

Many such cats don’t like to play with catnip, even if they get irritated just by looking at it. If you bring a catnip top for them they scratch it up or destroy it. So, before buying catnip you should be aware of the nature of your cat that how it reacts to other toys which are similar to catnip, and must choose them wisely. Keep them out of reach of your cat as they might find them out at any time. We hope that this method works as a cat exercise for your cat.

7. Get Your Cat on Treadmill or Cat Exercise Wheel under Your Supervision

Cats can also use a treadmill just like humans. A treadmill or Pet Exercise Wheel is equally efficient to improve the walking or running speed of your cat. You must teach your cat how to walk on this equipment properly. Initially, you should start with the lowest speed and then you can increase it slowly. This is the most efficient way of cat exercise that can keep them fit.

A treadmill or pet exercise wheel is a great machine to make exercise routine effectively, but proper training is required before making your catwalk on it. The treadmill is an easy way to make your cat exercise but it can be risky if the action isn’t performed under the proper guidance.  While making your catwalk on the treadmill or pet exercise wheel, you must take care whether they are doing it properly or not.

8. Design Agility Course

Bring an agility course kit for your cat, if your cat is energetic, intelligent as well as have problem-solving skill. These toys are useful for designing different types of hurdles or obstacles each time you use them to play with your cat. This is a smart way for cat exercise and increases their smartness too. A cat is really good when it comes to solving any puzzle game, finding any object, and other games that can be fun for them.

While designing an agility set you must take care that while solving or playing it, a cat must do all kinds of activities like walking, running, jumping, etc. to keep themselves fit and in a good shape. You can buy these kits from any online platform or a nearby store.

9. Go Outside

If the above-mentioned indoor cat exercise didn’t work for you, there is another way to make your cat do exercises. You can take them out for a walk or jog, where they can do several activities, like pulling an object, jumping on certain paths, and many more. This can be useful for both the cat and its master, as taking the cat on a walk can make them do their part of fitness exercise as well. Taking your cat outside also can improve their behavior and make them social so that they can meet new people and their pets. You can also let your cat play with other pets that have come to the same place for a walk, which will result in better exercise performance for your cat.