We know that you know your cat very well; but, did you know that your cat is left or right-handed? Yes; in an identical way to humans, cats do have their priorities while preferring their favorable paw. Now, how would you get to know “Is your cat left or right-handed?” Favoring one paw over another one while doing anything like- picking up her food, running downstairs, or doing other adorable activities will ultimately help you to understand her paw priority. 

When it comes to humans; we all know that only 8%-13% of humans are left-handed and the rest use their right hand while functioning some weighty tasks. Favoring one hand over another displays the character of the individual, and concerned with cats, you need to understand it better than it will eventually help you to create a powerful bond with one another.

cat is left or right-handed- How to Tell If Your Cat Is Left or Right-Handed?

In the following part of this study; we will be discussing a few points concerned with your cat’s paw preference.

Let’s begin then:

Find Out Whether Your Cat Is Left or Right-Handed

In addition to the last topic, favoring one hand over another displays the behavior and personality of an individual, and just like humans; cats show their behavior in several ways. Unlike dogs; cats are quite self-contained, and that makes it more difficult to understand your cat’s behavior. The same your children do; cats cannot express if they feel something like they’re hungry or want something. It’s just that you need to understand for yourself what your cat actually wants?

As a pet owner, you require understanding a few things about your cat if she is left-handed or right-handed:

Brain Functioning:

It is typically depending on the brain functioning which paw your cat chooses over one another. A study says left-handed kittens are less likely to be active compared to right-handed cats. Speaking about brain functioning, it seems to appear that if your cat is using their right hand while performing any sort of task would be more playful and affectionate towards you as she would be relying on her right side of the brain which stimulates the ability to resist against the stress. On the other hand; by using the left hand, they will be accessing the left side of the brain, which restricts them from coming over the stress.

Gender of Your Cat:

Favoritism in terms of favoring a paw is also depended on your cat’s gender. Although; we all know that cats make their own choices- whether liking a specific food or favoring a paw; research show, that these differences are linked to the sex hormones, as female cats are more likely to use their right hand while on the other hand, male cats rely on their left hand. Despite all the research and the facts; either your cat is left or right-handed, making them indulge in the activities and letting them join the other animals will help you to raise your cat as a friendly pet.

Test Your Cat, Is It Left or Right-Handed?

Becoming a cat owner is not as easy a task as it looks; this takes a lot of determination and patience while raising her. Cats take time to warm up to the environment and to be familiar with their owners. And while speaking about your cat’s paw preference; you need to keep an eye on your little cat, like what are the general things your cat does. You are required to monitor her little things like which paw she prefers while picking up her food, which step she takes the first when she’s up for a walk, or which paw she usually uses to scratch the wall.

There is no rocket science behind testing your cat; it’s just that, knowing your cat’s paw preference will help you understand her better. Being a cat owner, you just need to make sure your cat is doing good and the following are a few tips to test your cat’s paw preference-

  • Place something gummy and palatable on your cat’s head and monitor. Which paw does she prefer to wipe off?
  • Hold an eye on her that while having her favorite edibles, which paw she favors to pick up?
  • If your cat is a sociable mate; just give her your hand and see which paw she offers the first to shake your hand?
  • Stick something on the wall that she wants and look for her favorable paw to snatch that out.
  • Offer a toy that she likes the most, and watch which paw she will use to play with it?
  • Hide something by showing her around her personal area, and monitor which paw she uses to reach for it?

Medical Issues:

We all know that pets do require the attention of their owners and the owners need to look for the good of their pets. Cats are reserved; compared to the other animals as you need to examine for yourself if everything is okay with them. Speaking about paw preferences, it is possible that your cat might not be comfortable using a specific paw because of some medical issues. Research shows that it could be possible due to their hereditary problems or some issues during her birth that she’s not capable of accessing a paw comfortably, even when she wants to.

In such conditions, you just need to take your cat to the veterinarian for some medical assistance. It is possible that proper mediation and your affection towards them can cure such issues.

Does it Really Matter

If you’re a cat owner and you love your kitty so much, does it really matter to you if your cat is left or right-handed? Cats require the same care and affection as you give your own children. As mentioned earlier in this discussion, favoring a specific hand is connected to your cat’s mind uses. But; with the proper care and affection, you can even help them out with that as well.

The one thing that requires is that you have a lovely cat around and she loves to be with you. Yes, it would obviously take some, but things don’t matter when you love your cat. Whether they’re using their left hand or the right one, you will be the only one to help them with their capabilities.

Yes, we mentioned that the left-handed cats are more likely to be detached from other beings; but there is this saying that, sooner or later, efforts show the results and with the appropriate care- things can be revised, and your cat will undoubtedly start to connect with you.


We learned several facts about cat behaviour and preferences while debating which paw your cat actually favours. These facts undoubtedly aid cat owners in better understanding their pets. However, one thing to bear in mind is that we are only talking about this to get to know your cat better, not to ignore her because of her paw preferences.

The results and outcomes at this point in the conversation might not be totally trustworthy. People don’t like folks who use their left hand, despite what many people claim and what is actually true. This prejudice causes people and animals to be treated differently depending on their handedness. This simply refers to the belief that the word “Right” denotes appropriateness and accuracy, while the word “Left” denotes malice and evilness.

The significance of paw preference cannot be fully understood without more thorough analysis. Contrary to popular belief, your cat’s paw preference shouldn’t drastically alter who she is. However, you’ll be glad to learn that sharing the same handedness as your cat also results in a close bond between the two of you. Additionally, sharing the same handedness will assist you understand your cat’s fears and dislikes.