Some unusual habits of cats known as cat zoomies nature. It’s not usual cat nature, but some cats have a zoomy behavior. You wondered why cats were even doing the zoomies because it seemed so odd.

Cat zoomies are a very unusual nature among pets. As a pet owner, you might sometimes have to deal with Cat Zoomies nature. This can be found in cats as well as in dogs. They can do this whenever they want, anyplace, day or night, even in the midday. You must have noticed a change in your cat’s behavior

Sometimes this kind of behavior is so annoying that you may be confused about what to do. To understand what your cat is exactly doing by observing this kind of behavior, you’ll probably need to collect a lot of information. You’ll need to read up on cat zoomies’ nature and other unusual behaviors.

Some unusual habits of cats known as cat zoomies nature. It's not usual cat nature, but some cats have a zoomy behavior. You wondered why cats were even doing the zoomies because it seemed so odd.

What is Cat Zoomies Nature?

Cat Zoomies are moments of high energy during which your cat may be seen running unconsciously around the house or running up and down the stairs. All of this could suddenly end at that point, and your cat could go back to relaxing as she was before she had the zoomies!

What is the reason behind their behavior? How can you help them if this is a disease or their random mood swings? 

They do it a lot for something undefined and cat zoomies are undefined behavior. The moment you try to gather enough information about your cat’s behavior, you can help your cat in overcoming it. 

There are a few things that will help you in giving the solution to your question. We’ve shared three of the typical causes of your cat acting in this way.

1. Abundance energy

What is Abundance Energy in Cats?

The majority of the time you will find a cat sleeping day in and day out. And we know, cats sleep a lot to conserve their energy. This eventually ends up with a large amount of energy left unused. Now your cat needs to take out that extra energy by doing some physical activity or simply by zoomies. 

Cats are predators too and they conserve their energy so many times while hunting in short bursts. For a few cats who stay indoors and do not get enough exercise everyday. To release that extra energy, cats engage themselves in zoomies. 

What should you do?

You need to make sure that you evolve your cat in some physical activity so that they can release all that extra energy. This probably will help you in making the bond with your cat strong and will provide your cat with a healthy and happy life. It is one of the solutions to avoid cat zoomies in nature.

2. When the cat is in deep pain

It is a commonly found reason behind the cat zoomies and for this you need to observe your cat more closely. Your cat’s behavior will tell you whether your cat is suffering from pain or not. 

You Should observe cat to know If your cat in Pain 

If your cat is struggling with acute pain and that’s why she is doing zoomies. In that case you should definitely take your cat to a vet. Sometimes your cat may suffer with itchy skin and to slow it down and the cat simply finds this way to escape from it. 

When Cat is aging and losing the eyesight

If your cat is aging and losing the eyesight then out of curiosity or anxiety, the cat runs here and there. To find whether your cat is in pain then look out for your cat’s gestures like scratching, excess itching and licking. These gestures will tell you that your cat is in acute pain. 

When cat is licking

If you find the cat is licking around like too much along with zooming then the cat is probably facing pain or anxiety. This is another most commonly found reason behind the cat zoomies nature. 

3. Post and Pre poop zoomies

Before and After Pooping

There are times when you will find your cat zooming around before and after pooping. This literally is a weird aspect to look for but it is observed by the vets and the pet parents that the cat’s zoomies occur mostly post pooping or pre pooping. 

Take Your Cat to a veterinarian for the check up

When a cat is facing constipation, vomiting, defecation or discomfort. Try to help your cat by taking her to a vet for the check up. If you find the cat zooming for the first time out of nowhere then you probably look for a veterinarian. Now all you need to ensure that your cat’s litter box is hygiene friendly if the cat faces digestive issues. You need to make sure whether your cat’s litter box is clean so as to keep your cat away from urinary problems and to prevent her from bacterial infections. This one such problems or reasons behind the cat zoomies.  


The above mentioned reasons are a few things you need to make sure that your cat doesn’t go through. Now you can easily figure out the reason behind the cat zoomies and you can effortlessly help your cat out in overcoming this behavior. We are pretty much sure that this article will be of good help to you.