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The 9 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds In The World

Being a cat lover you must have observed that different Cat breeds have different ways of expressing their affection. It is very much known that cats are considered to be the most affectionate animal in the world. Some of the cat parents have observed that their cat

The Best 11 Cat Exercises to Keep Your Cat Fit

Obesity and health problems in cats are on the rise. The former can result in cats suffering from respiratory and blood circulation problems, among other things. Keeping an eye on your cat’s daily food intake isn’t enough. Cat parents need to familiarize themselves with the many benefits

Do Cats Have Emotions?

If you have ever had a cat as your pet, you will surely agree they have sentiments and go through different emotions. The things to ponder upon are how, when, and in what ways do cats experience and express emotions? And how can we as humans understand

What Is Cat Dementia? Identify Signs, Best Treatment & More

Felines are now living much longer lives than earlier because of reasonable care and proper maintenance. And there is no better news for cat owners than this, who are yearning to spend extra years with their little furry friends. But extended years also come with a high

Prevention, Symptoms, And Treatment For Cat Strokes

Just like humans, cats too are susceptible to a stroke. Not very common, but yes, they are. Mild strokes in cats can be missed as they are minor and involve memory issues and dizziness. However, if you notice a severe symptom, then urgent vet attention is required.

3 Simple Steps To Teach Your Cat Sign Language

Let’s talk about your furry friend. Do you sometimes wonder whether your cat will be able to train well like a dog or not? So to your concern, yes! Cats can be trained in a good way and they actually get into the grid very easily. The

Can Cats Jump Very High? It’s Actually Pretty Amazing!

Someday, plan to sit next to your cat or get around a place full of cats. You will get to know how fantastically amazing your feline friend is. It will surprise you with endless awestruck activities that you will dare to ask how’s that even possible? Or

The Ultimate Guide To Control Cats Fighting

On an everyday basis you get to see how badly the pets fight and at times it gets difficult to even separate them . They even hurt each other which makes the pets very aggressive and irritating. Similarly, cats get involved in fights. To help you out

How To Care For Cats After Neutering?

To begin with, we should know the answers of a few questions related to neutering which is also known as spaying or castration. The answers to these questions will give you a clear picture about this process. These answers will tell you about how you can take

5 Ways To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Cat

There is complete guide on How to Build a strong bond with your cat. Explore exclusive 5 Way to Build Strong bond with your cat. Although the cat doesn’t seem particularly affectionate, you might wish the cat to be friendly with you. Things do take time, just