The master of the cats must be good enough to train their cat to easily leave the things or habits that are not good for them. Sometimes when you open the door of your home to welcome your cat and they have brought you a dead animal, what will be your reaction? Do you scold your cat for doing so, or would you take a deep thought on why do cats bring home dead animals?

If you are a cat lover or have a cat as a pet, then you must be aware of all of its habits. There must be many habits of your cat which you like and dislike. You probably want to stop them from doing the things you don’t like or that are not good for them as well. But, it might be quite impossible to do so, as some cats are stubborn or they do things which they want to do.

Why do Cats Bring Home Dead Animals
Why do Cats Bring Dead Animals Home

Many cat owners are baffled by such inconsiderate behavior. Why your cat does need to kill the prey for their food when you are providing them food with their whole diet? These actions of your cat can be for fun or other things. If you want to know more about why do cats bring home dead animals here, we have discussed some of the points related to it.

Why do Cats Kill Animals?

Cats do have the nature of hunting the animals for their fun or for serving the purpose of food. There are many times when cats hunt for an animal but don’t use it as their food. One of the skills they picked up from their mother is catching prey. The mother will frequently start training the kittens by bringing back dead prey for them to consume. Then she will bring back a still alive but injured animal to show her children how to hunt for themselves.

Wild cats keep doing so as a habit, but pet cats don’t kill animals regularly as this could be the main reason why do cats bring home dead animals? They get a chance to kill any animal only sometimes or when they get to see any animal that intrudes in their house. Since any animal intrudes in the house, they keep observing and following them. They keep an eye on them and follow them silently. When they find any instance where they can grab them easily, they attack them instantly. Pet cats might not use these animals for their food as they get a variety of lavish food, so they bring it to their master.

Why do Cats Bring Home Dead Animals?

Cats that are kept as pets get a rare chance of chasing and killing any animal in their home, so when step outside of the home they do try their hunting skills on the prey they get in the near surroundings.

Your cat is fulfilling its natural function as a mother and teacher by bringing a dead animal into your home. The current family of your cat is you who adore them for their every deed. It could be possible that it is so because they never get to catch and kill a mouse on their own when they are at your house.

Hunting Instinct

A cat is a born hunter and carnivorous animal, which we all know. Hunting for their prey or killing them for their food is a cat’s habit. Cats are among some of those animals who are hunters and they like to kill birds, mice, and other insects to make them their food. According to research, cat kills many animals every year that are always not get hunted for food. Sometimes, cats kill some animals only for their fun and being of a hunter nature. Cats also are inquisitive, they sometimes follow any animal or insect just to observe what they are about to do.

Many cats, on the other hand, do not eat, and in some cases, do not even kill, their victim. Female cats that have been sterilized are the ones who are most prone to deliver their owners’ bloody gifts. They do, however, have justifications for their actions.

After doing all their things, they carry these killed animals’ bodies home to show their hunting skills to their master. If you don’t have much issue with their hunting nature, you should reward them or pat them on their head as a token of appreciation and encouragement.


As you read above, cats kill animals due to their hunting instinct, they might not eat their prey all the time but they love to kill the animals as o of their wild nature. Cats whether they are wild or pet have to run a lot before hunting their target. Sometimes, they consider it as a fun activity that ends up killing that animal. Wild cats have many instances where they can kill an animal to feed upon it or leave it after killing. If your pet cat kills animals or insects and brings them home, you must be thinking why do cats bring home dead animals?

Until a cat is wild, hunting is their nature but when it comes to a pet cat, they have not much option to hunt for their prey. They only have their toys to play with. So, these pet cats kill any animal or insect when they see them inside the house. You might have ever noticed that if you have a cat in your house as a pet, the number of cats invading your house has reduced as well as the number of insects also have decreased, and bring them to you after killing them.

Practicing Hunting Skills

Wild cats are good at hunting, as hunting animals is the main source of food for them. Although, sometimes cats do hunt because of their wild nature. As we all know, the cat is lazy animals and they might not move until it is necessary to do so, but hunting is their weakness. Whether a cat is relaxing in its personal time or doing something else, it can easily sense a mouse or any other insect moving nearby. After that have an instinct to kill that animal instantly. This is how wild cats practice their hunting skills, but when it comes to pet cats have you ever wondered how they do so?

It might be possible that you are providing your cat with many toys to play and they are using it for the same purposes, but have you ever checked what they are doing in their free time. Sometimes it might be possible that they are using those toys like prey. They keep catching and releasing them again and again to practice their hunting skills. As a result of which they sometimes may bring those toys to you. In the same scenario when they kill any animal or insect, they take it to you to showcase their hunting skills.

How to stop cat from doing so?

When your cat kills any animal next time and brings it home, we hope you all get to know why do cats bring home dead animals? If your cat does so, do not become enraged the next time your cat gives you a dead animal as a gift, despite how easy it is to do. Your cat is acting in its best and most interesting direction. This is their way of expressing their love and concern for you.

Increasing the amount of interactive playtime you spend with your cat can also assist to reduce their desire to kill any animal. Giving your cat proper attention and making them play with the toys can change their habit of killing an animal. Surrounding your cat with many toys and letting your cat drool with them is a good alternative to it. Slowly they will learn to play with toys instead of killing animals and bringing them back home. But their basic nature of hunting can’t be evolved wholly.