Someday, plan to sit next to your cat or get around a place full of cats. You will get to know how fantastically amazing your feline friend is. It will surprise you with endless awestruck activities that you will dare to ask how’s that even possible? Or you’ll be forced to ask ‘Can Cats Jump very high?’

So yes! Cats can jump from heights. Generally, cats can jump 8 feet in height. Sometimes it relies on female and male cats as male cats jump higher feet than female cats. This feature is inbuilt in cats the day they are born. It’s in their DNA to be skilled in jumping from heights.

The other time you see your cat sitting calmly, be cautious as it might be preparing to jump. Most of the time cats jump just to catch their prey or just to observe what’s going around the house. Sitting on the refrigerator gives them a wide view of the house. Like any other wild cat in the jungle, these cats also jump to catch their prey.

Let’s know how and why cats jump? It will be fun reading for you about your cat’s behavior.

So jumping is a skill a cat is born with. Cats can jump anywhere, everywhere without hesitating. It is an everyday activity which they do unknowingly because they are accustomed to doing so. The ability to jump is a natural gift and they can jump five to six times their body length.

How can a cat jump from heights?

So jumping is a skill a cat is born with. Cats can jump anywhere, everywhere without hesitating. It is an everyday activity which they do unknowingly because they are accustomed to doing so. The ability to jump is a natural gift and they can jump five to six times their body length. 

A cat has around 500 muscles, and these muscles help the cat to take a leap with accuracy. Cats can jump smoothly due to the support of stronger and longer hind legs which support bursts of movement. Their back legs are bent a bit and are angled in a way that whenever they jump these angled legs prevent them from shock with respect to the object they are jumping on. The soft cushions present in their paws help them in smooth landing and help them improve their balance. Cats also use tails for their balance. While a cat jumps, the front legs approach towards the destination it is jumping on as soon as the back legs come forward.

Every cat has this ability to jump from anywhere but many  a time a question arises that do all cats have an ability to jump 8 feet? Or does height, weight and size affect the jumping ability of a cat? So there are some cats with short-legged who might not jump as far as the cats with long legs. The height and size of a cat does affect its jumping ability.

There are few cat breeds that are known for their short or small jump:

  • Abyssinian
  • Oriental shorthair
  • Savannah cat
  • Siberian

These are a few cats who are unable to jump heights due to their short legs.

Why do cats jump?

No wonder a procrastinator cat can even jump whenever it feels like. Never underestimate a lazy cat because it can also leave you in shock. Jumping is a skill of a cat which happens unknowingly and unplanned. Sometimes, cats jump to catch prey or even to observe what’s happening around. Cats are born with an ability to jump and an animal’s  ability to jump depends on their leg bones as well as how strong their muscles are. These bones and muscles are far superior to humans when it comes to jumping. Cats use all their muscles to jump whereas humans use half of their muscles in moving their legs especially when they jump. Cats jump because they are accustomed to do so. Basically like to stay up high as this gives them an advantage to observe whatever is happening around. This gives them self confidence and a matter of fact that they are safe up above. Some cats jump up because they are trying to avoid their nervousness and dreadfulness. Some jump to just hide in corners as they are hurt or are afraid to be seen by any predator. 

So there are many such reasons behind a cat’s jump. It depends on the environment, surroundings and the choice of the cat to jump. 

Benefits If Cats are jumping

A jump can help a cat to stay fit. A jumping cat can be called an active cat. An active cat jumps frequently just to fulfill its deeds. Whatsoever comes the way a jumping cat overcomes every obstacle. A jumping cat is found to be more healthy than any other cat. Regular jumps can help a cat to stay away from obesity. A cat’s jump is a key to good health for a cat. A caretaker should always take this into account that jumping is a part of a cat’s behavior. Praise your cat’s jumping behavior and this will automatically build a strong bond between you and your cat.

How to Making a strong bond with your cat

A cat all needs a caring and lovable environment. It’s your responsibility to give your cat a safe, caring and loving environment. These will help you in developing a strong bond between you and your cat. The relationship between you and your cat will help you in recognising your cat’s behavior. The bond will help you in analyzing your cat’s true self. A bond will provide confidence to your cat and this will help the cat to behave naturally. Jumping is a cat’s natural activity and this is observed when your cat feels safe in the environment she is dwelling in. A happy cat is one who expresses more when with their caretaker. 

A happy cat is the one who is blessed with an environment that provides it everything it needs. A caretaker should take care of this, so that they can see their cat behave naturally. A natural behavior of a cat defines their frequent jumping habits. A expresses happiness, fear, sorrow and every other emotion through its jumps. Be friendly to your cat so that it can behave more expressively with you.


The next time you are around your cat or any other cat, watch them patiently and closely. There will be chances of their random jumps which will leave you in shock. Enjoy those moments and praise your cat for every step it takes and for every leap it takes. This is truly an amazing talent with which cats are blessed. They are so blessed to enjoy every moment despite being called a breed not very active. Cats jump must be appreciated.