If you love cats and also own a one, then you might have caught some strange activities of your cat. Some of them include bouncing off the walls, squeezing themselves in the smallest possible boxes, stealing and hiding socks and other small cloth items, among many other cute things.

But there is this one thing cats just love doing is lying and sleeping on their owners’ or parents’ chests. This is found as a common behavior in cats all around the world. Now you might go to sleep and wake up to find your cat sitting on your chest or, worse, on your head. It is not irritating but odd for many cat owners as to the reason behind such actions. There is no direct reason to this as every cat is different, but several theories explain why your cat loves sitting and sleeping on your lap or chest. Let us take a look at some.

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Chest?

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Chest?

Your Cat Loves You

Here comes the first and the most obvious reasons among all. You love your cat, and your cat loves you in return, and they show their love by laying on you. This is one way of showing love among many other reasons, which includes your cat licking your hands, rubbing its head against your legs, lying on the chest, and kneading on your lap. By sitting/sleeping on your chest, your cat ensures that the relation between you two strengthens further. In short, your cat is trying to tell you, “I Love You, Human.”

They are seeking security

You might have every sort of facility for your cat, like giving them their own bed but still, they would come crawling back to your bed. Not only your bed, but they also want your body as their bed, why? The reason for this is, when your cat was little, they always slept on and around their mothers for both food and security. Even after growing up, the search for the same love and comfort. They might continue to seek such security from their owners as they see their owner as their parent or their protector and hence love to sleep on your lap or chest. Just like a notorious child, your cat might look all strong and tough while chasing a mouse, bird, or even toys, but the time of rest arrives, they get vulnerable and want some source of protection to feel safe.

Cat loves warmth

If you are a cat owner, one thing you must have experienced that cats love warmth. The first thing they need in the morning is to soak themselves up and bathe in the rays of sunlight. Even if you cover them up in thick coats, they are known to seek the warmest place to sleep in. That place can be near to a fireplace, next to a radiator, upon a sunny windowsill and their owner’s bed. But do you know what their favorite place to sleep is? The owner’s lap or chest makes a super-comfortable, safe, and warm sleeping place favorite to almost every kitty.

Your heartbeat soothes them

This could be another reason why kittens love sleeping on and around their cat mother as they can hear her heartbeat. Again, your cat might grow up, but they never want to stop feeling this comforting behavior. When your cat is on your chest, it can listen to your heartbeat, making your cat feel safe and calm, just like they did while sleeping on their mother cat. Researches show that a cat’s purr calms and acts as therapy on human health. Also, petting a purring cat is seen as a form of stress reliever and decreases heart disease and stroke risk.

You might seem comfortable to her

When your cat sees you as a parent and loves you, you become a comfortable place for them to be on and around. This specifically happens when you are in your most comfortable sweaters and pajamas and lying in your bed. Another possible reason why your cat loves to sleep on your chest or belly is comfort. Of course, your belly would be more comfortable than any other bed. Besides, you smell familiar, and they trust you, so it is always safe to nap in the company.

Your cat is claiming you

Another reason that has come out in the research on why your cat loves to sleep on you is that they are trying to claim you. Yes, you heard that right. Some cats try to claim their owners for themselves by sleeping on their chests. The more you allow for it, the more you become a part of their possession. You might notice such behavior when your cat plays with its toys, beds, even some of your clothes. Cats are territorial, and they love to take things in their possession. By sitting on you, your cat is covering you all over with its own scent and marking you as their territory.

Reasons Why You Should Not Allow Your Cat to Sleep on You for Long Periods

  • You can get chest clawed: All those who have allowed their cats to sleep on them will know that cats tend to stretch from time to time which can be painful and not good for your health hygiene.
  • You wake up several times: According to research, being woken up every few minutes can be worse than a short sleep. Even if your cat is sleeping calmly, they tend to generate so much warmth while sleeping that you will get up in minutes.
  • Yo cannot breathe properly: An adult cat is too heavy for you to allow them to sleep on you as they make it difficult to breathe properly.
  • You may catch allergies: You can also get allergies with those dead skin cells on your cat’s body.
  • You may crush your kitty: The risk of crushing that poor little kitty while taking a turn in your sleep is always there.

Last Few Words

You are one of the favorite sleeping places for your cat, and for a while, you should allow them to do so. But the habit of it is not good for both you and your cat. When you decide on keeping a pet, there comes a bundle of responsibilities along with that, and you cannot overlook them.