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Do Cats Like Being Kissed?

Felines and humans don’t always communicate in a similar language. Some gestures we do to express love to our beloved pets might be harming them. Many feline parents wonder about the perfect way to express their love to their pets, especially cats.  You may like to give your kitty kisses, but have you ever thought about what your cat feels about this particular gesture of yours? Do felines want to be kissed? There isn’t a direct yes/no answer to this question? Many experts infer that It entirely depends on the personality of your feline. 

Some felines are socialized as kittens to be kissed and held, while others haven’t had that exposure while growing and might be put off by a kiss as a sweet gesture of affection. Before anything else, you have to be mindful that kissing as an expression of love is exceptionally a human way of expressing admiration. Most animals, including felines, can be very perplexed by this gesture, and some don’t even know what we’re seeking to tell them with this gesture and take it differently.

Allow your feline’s attitude to be your guiding light in this matter. If your kitty cuddles up close when you attempt to give it a peck on the head, it implies that it is allowing you and accepting your gesture of admiration. However, if your cat flinches or moves away or lowers its ears, it is suggested that it is not in the mood for a kiss.

Signs Your Cat Doesn’t Like To be  Kissed

When you take your face near the top of your cat’s forehead to give a small peck, does it run away, turn its ears down to the side, or make a purring sound? If yes, then these are indications that your kitty might not enjoy kisses. Felines are known to be volatile creatures, and their craving for admiration might alter from day to day, so try not to take your feline’s denial to heart.

Many cat experts suggest that most cats have different reactions to where you try to kiss them.  Your Cat’s Reaction To Kisses:

  • Kisses On The Forehead

Some felines appear to enjoy, or at the very least accept, you are kissing the top of their foreheads. If your cat shows signs such as  If your kitty makes a purring sound, rubs against you, or leans into you, then he probably loves the attention. But, If he lowers his ears, flings his tail, or makes a  growling sound, then he’s not delighted. He may even give you a whack of his claw to warn you to stay away from him.

  • Kisses On The Mouth

Many felines don’t enjoy being kissed on the mouth at all. They don’t like having our breath so near to their snouts and mouths. As well as that, some felines find it to be merely too much of an incursion of their privacy. There can also be a danger of acquiring zoonotic infections from kissing your kitty on the mouth, such as ringworm, bacterial infection, cat scratch fever, or parasitic disease. Some people perhaps are at tremendous risk than others, like expecting women, people with weak immune systems, and particularly young kids.

  • Avoid Kissing Cats On The Lips

Kissing on lips can be excessively much of an invasion of space for several felines. Also, felines can transmit bacterial and parasitic infection that is spread to humans through contact with their saliva. It is particularly true for kitties, cats that are not regularly vaccinated, lack parasite inspections, and felines with dental issues.

  • Don’t Kiss A Cat You Don’t Know Well

 Even if your kitty seems to adore your kisses, other felines might not. A cat that doesn’t recognize you might not withstand such intimacy from you, even though he might tolerate it from a human, he recognizes it well.

  • Teach your child to avoid kissing cats.

 It’s a good idea to instruct your kid on the rules as mentioned earlier for kissing felines, and it’s maybe good to keep him or her from cat-kissing altogether. Some kittens may have less forbearance for kids than they do for grown-ups, and if the feline decides to nip or scuff a kid for kissing him, it will put your kid at risk of a scratch or a bite from a cat.

How to Show Affection To Your Cat?

Even if your kitty doesn’t enjoy being kissed, you can still express admiration. Some may say that felines are too detached to feel affection for their owners, but a recent study indicates that this is inaccurate. Kitties do feel admiration for you, but their way of expressing it is quite distinct from humans. To understand their way of showing affection, you’ll need to understand their language of love.

  •  Play With Your Cats

Felines are predators by nature, but they mostly don’t get to utilize those impulses as much as they require when they’re domestic cats. You can enable your feline on the platform of hunting prey by giving her interactive toys. You must spend at least 10 minutes of your day playing with your kitty. Predator-prey acts assist in keeping felines mentally and physically active.

  • Lend Her Cozy Beds

Felines love to doze off and giving them good quality and comfortable beds is an excellent way to express your love to them. Several cats like to be up an elevated area, so get a high cat tree with a cozy bed area on top. That way, your feline can get above her territory and fetch a good view of all the things happening around it. She’ll know you adore her when you give her this luxury and comfort.

  • Full Body Rub

You may find that your kitty will rub himself against you from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. When he does this, he’s scent marking you as part of his family members. It would be best if you let him do this. This way you’re showing your kitty that you are open to this friendship which will strengthen your connection.

  • Imitate Her Voice

If you’re the owner of a chatty cat, you may admit that she has unique meows, coos, or trills that she saves, particularly for the humans that she’s close to. Mimic her sounds during a tender moment. She will comprehend it as an expression of tenderness from you, and you’ll be encouraging her to feel comfortable, secure, and adored.

  • Provide Her a Hiding Place

Felines like to lie low, hide, and view all the happenings from the safety of an enclosed area. Provide your kitty with cardboard boxes and feline caves to express to your kitty that you understand and admire her.

  • Take A Nap

Felines can indicate that they count on you by falling asleep on you while you’re there. It implies that they believe that you will defend them from any possible difficulties while they’re in an unarmed position. You can reciprocate this feeling. For that, you don’t have to persuade your kitty into your bed, but you can take a quick nap on your couch with your kitty. He will believe that you count on him enough to defend you while you’re dozing and will feel more deeply connected to you.

  • Belly Rubs And Caressing

Some felines will demonstrate that they count on you and are happy being vulnerable in your existence by swiveling over and uncovering their bellies. It doesn’t always imply that they need a belly rub. In fact, for some felines, it is a way to show you their admiration and affection. Although, some kitties mean nothing more than getting a gentle belly rub from their beloved human. Watch your cat for other hints of stress, and if he appears to be fully relaxed, then you may want to try gently caressing his belly.

  • Training And Exercise

Felines are highly trainable. House cats can benefit from the cognitive stimulation that training can bestow them. In addition, it enables you to spend some quality time with your kitty and get to know him better. Note that training must be reward-based, so every time your kitty accomplishes a task, you must provide him special treats or some new toy. It will help him feel more connected and attached to you.

  • Don’t Skip the Vet Visits

Okay, so your feline may not discern a visit to the vet as an indication of love, but she won’t keep it against you either! And even though visiting the vet is perhaps not your feline’s favorite activity, it is one of the best ways to express you love for her and care for her.

Felines are champions at hiding traces of sickness and distress. Without periodic trips to the vet, you could neglect a significant opportunity to diagnose and deal with insignificant health problems before evolving into big ones later on. Say “I love you” to your kitty by looking after her health so that she can relish a long, cheerful life with her special human!

How Your Cat Shows affection To You?

Our cat pals don’t always make their emotions apparent, so how do you comprehend that your kitty loves you? Animals have their ways of conveying feelings and displaying affections – and odds are, your kitty is your number one admirer! Felines will express admiration in their way. While felines don’t traditionally kiss their humans, they have many ways to show they care. Look out for these indicative hints of feline’s affection:

  • Making Adorable Sounds

When your kitty purrs or makes any other cute sound as you cuddle it or rub it in its particular spot, it’s exhibiting its admiration and affection for you.

  • Head-bunting And Rubbing

Similarly, head-butting is an indication of affection and is your feline’s way of leaving its smell on you, mostly in exchange for being caressed. Some cats will perch on your lap and rub their claws just like they did with their mommies when they were kittens. It signifies that they feel comfortable and safe with you.

  • Licking

One cat demeanor that closely resembles kissing is licking. If your kitty begins licking your face or any other part of your body, it displays a grooming attitude generally dedicated to its kind. Felines who stay with other kittens may involve in some mutual grooming. You can also find sometimes your kitty grooming you. It will usually happen if you are caressing him or if he is tidying himself beside you. It implies that he perceives that you belong to his family, and he has got to keep you tidy and wrapped by his scent.

  • Wrapping Their Tails

A feline’s tail has many objectives, but it also acts as an expressive barometer. If you carefully observe your kitty’s tail, it will convey to you a pretty good indication of his emotional condition. It would help if you look out for signs like him wishing to caress you with his tail, whether it is spiraling it around your legs or laying it on you as he relaxes beside you. Some felines will wrap their tails around you when you’re standing or sitting nearby, much like how humans put an arm around one another. Cuddling up close is also a form of feline admiration.

  • Sleeping On You

Some felines enjoy napping right on top of their humans. While it might not feel much like love when your cat lays its torso all over your face, it is. Most kitties appreciate spending time with their special human. Similar to puppies, felines establish a solid attachment to their holders. They display behaviors such as a longing to be near, anxiety when separated, and happiness when reunited with their human friends.

  • Bring You Odd Presents

Your kitty might bring you unusual, sometimes bizarre presents, such as a dead rat or an injured bird. No matter how terrified you get by seeing it, the adequate reaction is always to praise them and show them that you appreciate it. It exhibits that he cares for you like you’re another feline in his household, albeit one who is quite a bit useless at fetching food!

Final Words

Felines are discerning animals, and you can’t compel your kitty to like you. Offending her private space — or pushing too far the other way and dismissing her entirely — won’t render to your human-cat relationship. But, you can gradually develop an intense bond with your feline that will stay for a lifetime.

Some felines bond with their owners more than others. Kittens associated with multiple humans at a young age – before eight weeks old, are more inclined to develop into highly cheerful and affectionate grown-up cats. There is even a study that implies a hereditary tendency for some felines to come to be closer to humans. No matter how your kitty shows you, that they admire you, make sure to convey to them, your love by keeping him in good health – and that onsets with frequent visits to your veterinarian to make sure your cat has a long and healthy life with the human they adore.

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