Whether you love cats or not, you have to admit that it’s annoying when they get into trouble in inappropriate places. If a cat keeps clawing up or urinating in places you don’t want them to, whether it’s your favorite house plant, your favorite garden bed, or your living room couch, it may get old very quickly. Fortunately, you may create your own natural cat repellents by combining a few ingredients. You can use some oils to keep cats off the counters. They hate strong-smelling ingredients because they don’t enjoy the smell, including citrus oils and peels, vinegar, citronella, pepper, and garlic. Although most repellents can be used both inside and outside, it’s always a good idea to test the formulations on fabrics and other delicate goods to be sure they won’t leave stains.

Even if you adore your beloved cat, you do not want to offer her complete access to every room in your house. For example, since food preparation takes place on kitchen counters, these areas should be off-limits to cats. To use a cat deterrent like citronella or eucalyptus oils is an effective oil to keep cats off the counter without harming them. These essential oils have a strong scent that cats naturally dislike.

List of Some Essential Natural Oils to Keep Cats off the Counter

Although there are a number of oils available in the market that acts as cat repellent oil, and you can avail it easily anywhere. Generally, these oils are some natural product extracts which are mixed with chemicals to make cat repellents. In making of these cat repellents, only those natural products are used whose smell is unbearable by the cat.

Choose from the Best

1.Citronella Oil[Check Price]
2.Eucalyptus Oil [Check Price]
3.Lavender Oil[Check Price]
4.Lemon Oil[Check Price]
5.Orange Oil[Check Price]
6.Rosemary Oil[Check Price]
7.Rue Oil[Check Price]

11 Essential Oils to Keep Cats off the Counter

If you are also looking for some essential oils to keep cats off the counter, we have reviewed 11 best of them below. Go through these 11 best oils to keep the cats away from the counter.

1. Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

The Cat MACE mixture has more active chemicals than any other cat deterrent, according to scientific research. The best items on the market were used, and they were enhanced to increase their potency and strength.Because it uses a scientific blend of aromas and fragrances oils to keep cats off the counter, this cat repellent is strong and effective.

Products made using MACE by Nature are non-toxic and biodegradable. The usage of this spray around children, pets, plants, and vegetation is safe. Without using dangerous chemicals on fruits and vegetables, feel secure protecting your garden.

All year round, in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, keep feral and stray cats at bay. Rain, irrigation, or regular use won’t cause this spray to wash off.

2. BLUECARE LABS Cat Repellent Spray

BLUECARE LABS Cat Repellent Spray

With this two-in-one cat scratch furniture guard and potent bitter spray, you can prevent cats and kittens from gnawing, chewing, and clawing things in your home. In order to benefit both you and your beloved pet family member, BLUECARE Labs created a special formulation for this spray. Your cat or kitten will lose interest in forbidden places if our cat learning spray is applied consistently. Do not panic! If your cat is attracted to certain spots, simply spray this mixture with essential oils to keep cats off the counter and go.

Every 24 hours or if the habit persists, reapply this cat learning spray to any area to prevent scratching and gnawing. The application rate, keep in mind, is based on the frequency and severity of the cat’s visits to the area as well as its behaviors.

3. Careland Cat Repellent

Careland Cat Repellent

It is highly safe, doesn’t include any nasty chemicals or pesticides, traps, or dead animals, and it can help you avoid a lot of unwanted hassles. Construction made of sturdy hard plastic that can survive decades of rain, snow, ice, and wind. Perfect for gardens, farms, ponds, boats, patios, roads, garages, attics, and porches.

Careland’s ultrasonic animal repeller scares away unwanted animals by mimicking gunfire, dog barking, and eagle cries. You can pick between day and night modes, which are both easy to use, the ideal solution to all your problems, and let you relax and take in the stunning green garden.

Strong ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED flashlights will scare any animals away from your yard. Use this aggressive animal repellent that uses ultrasonic noise and flashing lights to end problems with roaming pest animals.

4. Nature’s Miracle Pet Block Repellent

Nature’s Miracle Pet Block Repellent

Nature’s Miracle is designed to keep animals away from areas that have been treated. There are no dangerous substances in it. Concentrated oils to keep cats off the counter with a long shelf life is made both for indoor and outdoor application. Cat stain and odor cleaning products from the company behind Nature’s Miracle, a name you can trust because it is effective.

Simply spray it in the areas where your cat is scratching. For the first two weeks, we advise spraying three to four times per day. As the cat’s behavior improves, we advise cutting back on the frequency of spraying.

5. Inscape Data Cat Spray Deterrent

Inscape Data Cat Spray Deterrent

Most cats are deterred from clawing couches and furnishings by this safe, natural cat anti-scratch spray. Anti-scratch spray has a naturally bitter taste that deters cats from chewing and scratching.Anti-scratch spray, designed exclusively for cats, uses the safest natural components from sustainable sources (citrus extract, rosemary) to boost bitterness and effectively inhibit scratching.

Anti-scratch employs odors that people find pleasant but our feline companions cannot stand. Use our cat training spray consistently to help your cat develop a taboo and scratch-free zone thanks to the smell.

6. Bonide Go Away Cat Repellent

Bonide Go Away Cat Repellent

Animals are efficiently and organically kept away from restricted areas in your yard, lawn, and garden with the help of Cat Repellent Granules by Bonide.Utilize this item as a training tool. Although this product is a tool for changing animal behavior, it might need to be combined with other methods in order to help domestic animals and pets get rid of negative habits they already have.

When used as instructed, natural active substances are safe for both humans and animals. Natural repellents that work to keep cats out of your garden include cinnamon oil and thyme oil.Protect your garden, flowerbeds, trees, and bushes in the yard. These natural essential oils to keep cats off the counters are biodegradable and won’t hurt the lovely plants you want to surround your house with.

7. Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

No chemicals are used in the ultrasonic cat deterrent; instead, a passive infrared sensor (PIR) detects movements and activates; after that, an ultrasonic speaker makes sounds to frighten away common animals. Solar ultrasonic cat repellent doesn’t hurt animals; it merely keeps them out of the garden.

In order to achieve the optimum results, the solar ultrasonic cat deterrent device can be hung on trees, fences, and walls or mounted on the ground using the included nails. Deters cats, mice, dogs, and other pests very well. Regardless of the size of the animal, this deterrent has an effective range of roughly 30 feet and is angled at a 110-degree angle.

The powerful ultrasonic signal scares away cats, dogs, birds, and many other animals. It has five distinct sensitivity settings that can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs. Each setting can be used to effectively repel a different animal.

8. MOAJIE Rechargeable Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

MOAJIE Rechargeable Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

The outdoor animal deterrent is activated when the animal deterrent motion sensor detects movement in an area that is 110 degrees in all directions and up to 26 feet distant. This high frequency sound scares cats, dogs, and other animals away from the house, garden, or yard.

A solar panel that can be continually charged by enough sunlight for daily use is located on top of the animal deterrent. Hard plastic construction is strong and resistant to wind, rain, and ice, making it ideal for gardens, courtyards, and farms.

It can be operated at low power, only deters animals, doesn’t require any chemicals, and only emits ultrasonic waves between 25 kHz – 61 kHz. Additionally, it won’t hurt your cat.

9. America’s Finest Scram For Cat Repellent

America’s Finest Scram For Cat Repellent

Organic cat deterrents teach cats to avoid your garden on their own volition. Secure around young people, animals, and the environment. It comes in a shaker bag weighing 3.5 pounds.

In addition to helping cats, this cat repellant spray can also help dogs, puppies, rabbits, hamsters, and kittens break unwanted behaviors. Please get in touch with us if you have any ideas for improving our flexible spray for cat scratches; we will get back to you with a solution within a day.

Simple to use spray to prevent cats from scratching. It has been carefully chosen to be gentle and plant-based, and it has been tested to work with most cats. For the first month, we advise spraying three to four times per day; after that, as your cat becomes accustomed to the new behavior, you can spray less frequently.

10. Colton’s Cat Repellent

Colton’s Cat Repellent

Keep your yard, garage, crawl space, and trash area free of bothersome stray and feral cats naturally using Cat Repellent Spray, which is also effective indoors. That annoying wildlife will naturally stay out of your space if you use Colton’s Naturals Cat spray. Very effective at keeping your cat, the cats in your neighborhood, or stray feral cats away from your property.

How Colton’s Cat Repellent work?

Use safely around nursing women while being child, pet, and garden safe. Keeping cats out of the garden organically. To deter cats from moving in, use organic cat repellents that are safe to spray in car engines.

When applying for the first time, spray liberally to cover all surfaces. Spray heavily on your garbage cans, under decks, and around the perimeter of your home. Depending on the amount of rain, use every 2-4 weeks after the cats have left to permanently repel them naturally.

11. Noobecr Cat Deterrent Spray

Noobecr Cat Deterrent Spray

Cats base their choice of hangouts on their sense of scent. Cats won’t want to linger where the anti-cat scratch spray has been applied because the aroma it leaves behind repels them. could have a strong fragrance to some individuals. Always make sure to utilize these essential oils to keep cats off the counter in a space that has good ventilation.

Always make sure to utilize these essential oils to keep cats off the counter in a space that has good ventilation.

Citronella is one of the benign elements in our cat repellent spray recipe, which employs botanical sources to prevent cats from loitering or damaging any part of your house. This cat spray deterrent prevents the majority of cats from harming a house. With the help of this cat deterrent spray, you can prevent your pet from licking, nibbling, or gnawing on bandages, wounds, or fur.

Both indoors and outside can use this cat scratch deterrent. Cat anti scratch spray can be used on curtains, plants, furniture, clothing, cords, and anything else cats discover to chew on. and won’t leave any residue or stains on the surface.


We have reviewed here the best 11 essential oils to keep cats off the counter. We hope you have found the best one for yourself which you can use for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. These are some of the best products listed here that will surely help you stay cats away from your required place.