A healthy cat will deliver a healthy baby. For so, you need to take care of your cat wholly. Even after the delivery, they need the same amount of care and affection from their master. Giving birth to young ones is the most complicated task for a female. It will be great you provide support and become a helping hand for them. If you also want to know how to help a pregnant cat give birth, here is some information that we have provided for your help.

How to Help a Pregnant Cat Give Birth
How to Help a Pregnant Cat Give Birth:

If you are having a cat as a pet and she is pregnant and about to deliver a cute little kitten, then there are possibilities that your cat needs your help more than it has ever asked you for. During the entire period of pregnancy, your cat needs extra support whether it is about the care, food, or pamper it receives from you. Pregnancy is a crucial time where everyone needs to be taken care of, similar is with cats.

How to Monitor that Your Cat is Pregnant

Whenever something new happens to a person or animal, there are slight changes in their movement, appearance, and behavior as well. If the master of the cat observes his/her cat daily, they might be able to grasp these changes easily and get to know that their cat is pregnant. But if your cat is pregnant and you are not able to recognize the changes, you can read it here to get exactly what are the thing which you haven’t noticed. These can let you know how to help a pregnant cat give birth.

Changes in Physical Appearance

There are many physical changes in the body of a pregnant cat that you can notice easily. There are some of the changes in a cat’s body that can’t be left unnoticed when she is pregnant. Many a things grasps your attention towards your cat’s body.

During the pregnancy period, a cat starts eating more than obvious as it needs nutrients for her as well as the baby kitten growing inside her body. This intake of food is a necessary thing for her but this also increases their weight at the same time. Their body gets swelled in a few weeks and it will continue to grow until your cat gives birth to the little one. Your cat’s stomach becomes noticeable after completing the fifth week of their pregnancy. The color of their nipples changes to red as well or even darker color. They might get swollen as well.

Changes in Behavior

Pregnancy is the time when you notice several changes in your pet, most of which are related to their behavior. The behavior of your cat might change from being polite to the wild without enough reason. You might observe that your pet cat which was of a very loving and friendly nature has randomly changed into wild nature.

As a consequence of their pregnancy, they might have started biting, scratching, etc. another mischievousness that they haven’t shown earlier to their master. They might hide behind the curtain, don’t move for hours where they just sat down, be lazy all the time, etc. much more. Sometimes they will become restless, start moving here and there, breathe excessively, and start grooming their entire body parts. By knowing more about how to help a pregnant cat give birth you can resolve all these issues of your cat and help them conceive effectively.

Caring for Pet Cat When They are Pregnant

If your cat is pregnant provide them with extra protein, energy, and a little more love than usual. Although the food you provide them is good at the time of pregnancy normal food is just not okay, they need something extra. Similarly spending time with them is just not okay, you need to cuddle them, love them, and pat them on their head as well as their back. All of these things are essential for your pet in their pregnancy time. Here are a few ways of how to help a pregnant cat give birth.


In the initial days of pregnancy of a cat, you can see some of the changes in their behavior. Due to the changes in their hormones, a cat will need more attention, they want you to love them, spend more time with them, cuddle them, pat them on their head or back, or many more. You can fulfill your cat’s expectations only by being close to them. Petting is the most important way how to help a pregnant cat give birth.

If your cat is pregnant, then they want you to be by their side all the time or whenever they need you. Pampering your cat is one of the most important things when they are pregnant. When you cuddle or rub the back of your cat, avoid touching their stomach area as it can discomfort them and they might start avoiding you. Always try to support the bottom of your cat when you pick them up instead of pulling them up by their hands, as it might not be good for them.


When your cat is in their pregnancy phase, you need to take extra care of them like treatment of theirs, regular medical check-ups when needed, proper vaccinations, etc. Vaccination is another major lead to how to help a pregnant cat give birth in a healthy way. Timely vaccination can also help the baby grow effectively in the womb of a cat as well as once after it got delivered.

Vaccination is the most required thing while pregnancy. Proper and regular vaccination can lead to the successful delivery of your cat along with a healthy newborn. Your cat must get the whole dose of vaccination before delivering the newborn. Many experts believe that a baby can only be healthy when the mother is healthy before and after delivery. A healthy mother can pass all essential nutrients to the baby while feeding them with their milk.

Feeding Your Cat

Feeding your cat with the healthy and optimum amount of food in their pregnancy is quite necessary. Improper food or diet can lead to great deficiency both to the mother cat as well as to the kitten after birth. Taking in the right portion of food is very essential at this time, as undereating and overeating both can affect the cat and make situations problematic for them. Appropriately feeding your cat is the best way of how to help a pregnant cat give birth.

Although she needs plenty of food and nutrition for her baby in her pregnancy it is quite possible that the excess food can affect her. Consecutively, it might be possible that she might start vomiting which can act as a health disorder. As the delivery time comes nearby the food portion should start decreasing so that your cat can breathe freely. While decreasing the amount of food for your cat must remember that you need to give them the entire amount of required protein and vitamins so that the growth of your baby remains unaffected.


As you might have heard many a time, there are many complications for women when they are in their pregnancy period. The same persists with that of a cat when they are in their pregnancy period. Pregnancy is a major thing whether it is concerned with that of a human or any animal. There are many types of complications like itchiness in your entire body, rashes, red patches, swollen body parts, etc.

If your cat has any of these symptoms, we recommend you to take your cat to the veterinarian instead of treating it by yourself. Treating it by yourself can be a bit risky if in case the medicine has any adverse effect after applying, your cat has to suffer with it as well. This can affect your cat in a bad way. It is quite better to take care of the cat and understand how to help a pregnant cat give birth in a better way.

Taking them for a Regular Walk & Exercise

A cat in their pregnancy period became very lazy which is not good for them. You can fix a schedule for them that how they are going to spend their entire day. This schedule will consist of their eating habits, sleeping time, and exercises, which they must do to have a successful delivery that too with less pain. This is the most effective way of how to help a pregnant cat give birth. Exercising and going on a walk regularly can reduce pregnancy complications to a great extent.

What to do After Your Cat Gives Birth

Once the delivery period is over, your cat will give birth to the kittens. When your cat delivered the kittens you need to protect them and provide appropriate treatment to the mother cat as well as kittens. You can take them to a hospital or a doctor within the first 24 – 48 hours of the delivery. The doctor can give the appropriate advice on the treatment, how to grow those kittens and many other things that are required at that time. You can even put your queries for better handling of the situation.