If you want to know about the smartness or intelligence of a cat, then you must communicate with the people who are cat lovers. The people who are cat lovers or own a cat as a pet must give you some good examples that will illustrate to you how smart are cats. As claimed by some of the study reports, cats appear to be quite smart.

How Smart Are Cats?

The cats are aware of their schedule for every day-to-day activity, like what is the time to take a shower, when they have to go out for a walk, playing time, and others. You might not be able to get exactly what’s going on in a cat’s mind or how smart are cats, even though they seem to be prepared to meet our every action and respond to it with their great actions. It might amaze you that how do they get to know what we are thinking?

We have concluded many studies that were conducted on the behavior of the cats and state how smart are cats? Read this post to get to know more such facts related to the intelligence and smartness of cats that will amaze you.

Facts that explain, How Smart Are Cats

Cats Can Interact

Interaction is the best way to check the smartness of a person as well as of a pet. If your pets interact with you or respond to you in every possible way, then you must have to consider them as smart pets. Cats have the skill to communicate, and that is the main reason why they can explain their things so easily to the master through their actions or by responding to the master’s action. This tells us how smart are cats to easily communicate with you.

Cats have incredible communication skills, with one another and with humans. To express their love, happiness, fear, and other feelings, cats use several postures, motions, vocalizations, and smell signals. Through these, you can easily get to know about the emotion of cats by carefully observing their behavior.

When you call a cat by its name, they do respond to you. They can easily recognize you just by sensing your touch, and many other things that are a source of interaction show the smartness level of your cat. Your cat may show behavior or perform a task that you haven’t taught them earlier. This is just a sign of their intelligence that they responded to a new event or activity just happened.

Cats Learn Through Observation

Observing is the power to learn anything just by looking at or focusing on it. It is sometimes the nature of someone to quickly or silently learn new things. Their basic tendencies motivate cats to survive. They have a nature of observing the things or actions that are being performed in their surroundings since childhood. As being in childhood, they observe how their moms used to set a target and chase their food, save themselves from other wild animals, and other similar activities.

Sometimes you see that your cat is observing or noticing you for a long time. Then there must be a possibility that they are observing your actions or they just want to know what, why, and how are you doing a task. They can use these observations later on by helping you when you repeat that task. This is the best way to get to know how smart are cats.

Cats Understand Object Permanence

Object Permanence is the durability of an object even after removing it from its original position. The object permanence factor is enough to know how smart are cats. A cat is smart enough to understand the permanence of an object. If you remove an object or disappear it from its original position, then your cat can recognize that the object still exists and might find it instantly or after a few tries.

To test this amazing skill of your cat, you just need to disappear or displace any object in your house and your cat will start searching for it in its original position or somewhere else in the entire house. This can also be a fun activity that can help your cat learn new things and tell you how smart are cats. We recommend you try these types of activities as games with your cats.

Cats Have an Internal Clock

Everyone in the entire world has a schedule to perform a task, whether it is sleeping, having food, or conducting other activities of their day-to-day life. But cats have the sense to perform their tasks every day approximately at one same time. For example, they need food daily at a particular time, urges going on a walk, instinct for their hunt, playing time, etc. are some of the things that remind us how smart are cats.

If your cat has a synchronized schedule of daily activities, then they definitely will set to perform that at the particular time in only someday. It is one of the natural tendencies of a cat. Although a cat seems to be lazy while sleeping or roaming around the house, they are highly active when it comes to activities.

Cats Pick Up on Cues

Another way to check how smart are cats is through the cues. If your cat responds to your actions, then they are getting the signals you give them. Sometimes you might not be able to know what’s running in your cat’s mind or why they are being so lazy but you can notice that they instantly pick up on your cues or respond to you with their great actions that you might not have imagined.

For the same scenario, your cat also understands your mood by your actions or by picking up the cues. If you are happy, then they will play with you, and if not, then they will get a distance from you. Some cats perform actions only after observing the mood or emotions of their master. It is one of the best ways to know how smart are cats just by observing their reactions to your action.

Cats can Follow Your Finger

Following the finger of a person or the master is one of the smartest activities of a cat. For example, if you will point a finger toward the food, a toy, or an object, your cat will run towards it at once to get it. This not only works in the condition of food or any toy but also cat follows the finger of their master for other things as well.

If you are going to take your cat for a walk, then it will follow your finger to bring your sleepers. If you are pointing your finger towards their bed, they will immediately sit on it or lie down. These are some of the behaviors of a cat that prove how smart are cats in following commands or actions as well.

Training Your Cats is Easy

Training a cat is a simple task, as they can learn things easily. Many cats can learn or perform actions easily like, sitting, lifting a paw, lying down, and many more. Instead, as read above, a cat follows the signal of hands faster than it will react to your words. When a cat gets training from it as a grand master, it can immediately learn things or even can demonstrate exceptional intellect. Training your cats easily is the best way to know how smart are cats.

With the correct encouragement, we can train a cat to perform several actions of feats. Cat snacks appear to be the only motivator for cats. Patting the hands on the head of a cat or other rewards is not perfect for them or makes them happy, but their favorite food does. A cat who can’t be bothered to learn simple orders doesn’t mean they are not smart, but it might be possible that they are lazy or because of them not being interested to perform a strenuous activity for which the reward isn’t enough motivation. In any manner, it does not mean that they are less intelligent, but it proves their smartness. The following anything for the favorite food shows how smart are cats.

Cats Have Problem-Solving Skills

You can get to know how smart are cats are and how easily your cat can solve a problem just by playing some of the games that can be a Puzzle Game, Treasure Hunt, Overcoming an Obstacle, Hind & Seek, etc. These are some of the games that can determine the problem-solving skills of your cat in an efficient and friendly manner. Most of the cats are active in responding and easily get solutions to these tricky games, but if your cat is not responding to these games or is slow, you should plan these things as a daily activity schedule. These will result in the growth of the smartness and intelligence level of your cat. Also, it could help you to have a healthy interaction with your cat.