Cats are interested in every object of your home whether they are moving or not. It is just because of their inquisitive nature of theirs, and whatever the object they see moving they instantly grab it thinking it of their food. If you are a plant lover and love to decorate your home with plants, then you must notify the activities of your cat, they must not harm those plants. Planting in your home can be sometimes very crucial or impossible because of the fear that your cat will damage them. Cats sometimes chew the leaves of the plants or dig the mud out of the planter to make space to sit inside it.

How to Keep Cats Away from Plants

People do know that these activities of the cat are not intentional but it happened out of curiosity or their mischievousness, but still, they get angry with their cat for destroying the décor of their house. If your cat also does so things, you can get here some of the ways that can let you know how to keep cats away from plants.

Use a Spray Bottle

Everyone has spray bottles at their home that are used to water the plants. Have you ever thought that how to keep cats away from plants using these spray bottles? You can fill water in spray bottles and whenever your cat comes near to the plant or in close contact with them, you just need to spray the water on them. Spraying the water on cats will make them go away from the plants as well as remind them that they don’t have to destroy them. Doing this multiple times can realize, that you are having an eye on them or constantly watching their activities.

Even after all this, your cat will give a possible try to defect the plants when you are not in the near surroundings of the plant but some of the cats will not try to go even closer after that. It is one of the easiest ways to keep your cat away from the plants.

Make Your Plants Unattractive

If the above trick didn’t work for you, then you must try this one. It is another way how to keep cats away from plants that are easy to install or apply. Cats don’t like a thing that tastes or smell sour, like lemon, orange, etc. other fruits. So these things can be a good way of keeping your cats away from your plants. You just need to add the juice of any of these fruits with the water and fill the spray bottle that you use to water the plants. When you will use this citrus spray on your plants, your cats will avoid coming closer to the plants.

If it still doesn’t work in your case you can apply the citrus juice on the top of each leaf, so that when your cat will chew the leaves, it will not give them the desired taste and they might stop destroying your plant.

Make Your Plants Inaccessible

Many people like to put their planter on the floor and make a garden view on their balcony. This could be quite impossible if you have a cat or you don’t know how to keep cats away from plants. In such conditions, there is a way that you must keep those away from your cat, especially in the places that are out of reach for your cat. You can put these plants on a rack that has good heights or could hang those using chains or rope.

Putting the planters in an out-of-reach area for your cat is not the only thing, you also need to give a regular check on your cat that it must not reach that spot. It might be possible that your cat is applying new ways or tricks to reach that planter easily even after being inaccessible. This is a good trick on how to keep cats away from plants if used efficiently.

Give your Cat Their Plant

You can use another trick that is efficient in many ways and can give you a better way of how to keep cats away from plants. If your cat is way too attracted to your plant and destroys it daily, you can get your cat its plant. If your cat gets their plant, it might be possible that they would stop playing with your real plants and it got prevented from destroying further.

There are many plants available in the market that are a good alternative to real plants and can be beneficial for your cat. These plants do contain effective proteins and vitamins that can help your cat to grow and stay active. These plants are easily available in the market or you can buy them online. This is the best alternative of how to keep cats away from plants that is serving dual purposes in one go.

Train your Cat to not Chew the Plants

Sometimes this possible that your cat likes to eat the leaves of a plant or they might destroy the leaves only. It is just because they like the plant which you have planted at your home. To prevent your plants you must train your cat to not chew the leaves of the plant. Your cats follow you or understand your gestures then you must train them to not chew the leaves of the plants that you have planted in your home. Training a cat is quite difficult but it still is a way to how to keep cats away from plants.

The other option to stop your cat from chewing these plant leaves is that you must get those indoor plants that have a strong odor or are not liked by the cats in general. These plants can be Rosemary, Scaredy Cat Plant, Cactus, Rose, etc. These plants are a safe option for you to decorate any corner of your house.

Add a Layer of Stone Mulch

If your cat is digging the soil of your planter, then don’t misunderstand it as a natural or regular habit of a cat. Your cat might be doing it purposely for fulfilling their sanitation needs, which could be quite unhealthy for your home especially if you have infants or children at your home. You must keep both the plant and planter clean and safe for your well-being.

Firstly, you must check for the issues your cat is facing with the litter box you have provided them and resolve it instantly. Secondly, you must fill the planter with 2-3 layers of stone which must be tightly packed so that your cat can’t dig the soil again from the planter. Adding two to three layers of stone can be a better way of how to keep cats away from plants as well as it also increases the beauty of a plant when you will have a top view.

Create Unpleasant Surroundings

You can use another way for how to keep cats away from plants which can be achieved by keeping the surroundings of the plants unpleasant in respect to your cat. Cat generally doesn’t like sticky areas, so you can use this as an advantage. Use any adhesive, gel, or tape to make the outer area or floor near the planter sticky, so that your cat doesn’t want to get closer to the plant. Use the tape in most of the area so that your cat might not just off or over the plant as well. You can use this idea anywhere whether you have placed your plant on the floor on any other surface.

Except this, you can use glittery, startling, or reflecting objects that can act as trouble-some things for your cat to reach the planter. In this practice, it might be possible that they stop destroying the plants or the planters. This is a great idea for How to Keep Cats Away from Plants and keeps your plants secure.

Clean the Litter Box

Regularly cleaning the litter box of your cat is a great way how to keep cats away from plants. It might be possible that the main reason behind destroying the planter or sitting in a planter is the unclean litter box of the cat. It might be possible that the litter box that you have provided to your cat is not clean in a sufficient manner, and that is why they are roaming around or sitting in the planter which they found to be cleaner than that.

Sometimes it might also be possible that the litter box that you have is at a place which not easily accessible for the cat, you must take it to a better that your cat could use it effectively. You must keep an eye on the litter box of the cat and do a regular check and clean it properly. Even after doing both of these changes, your cat avoids the litter box then you must try changing the litter box for once.