Assuming you are a pet lover and you always wanted to adopt a pet, but; there could a dilemma between cats and dogs, and like every other human being; you might be considering cats as unkind and slothful species, which does not necessarily indicate that they are not at all friendly cat. The essential personality of cats is to be reserved and less responsive compared to the dogs. But, if you are a cat person, you know that a cat will presumably come to you once they are ready and begin to feel that connection with the new fellas.

On the other hand, a few kittens are friendly, while some of the others wish to stay alone. Sooner or later, patience and relationship with them are the keys to understanding how to raise a friendly cat, so start to train them with a lot of creativity and forbearance. So now; if you are planning to adopt a cat, we will make you prepared by discussing the best potential tips and tricks to raising a friendly cat at your place.

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9 Tips to Help You Out in Raising a Friendly Cat

Be Passionate

Talk about humans or cats, every living feeling motivated when they see others passionate about things. Encouraging your friendly cat would be the best idea to stay alongside, whether you’re watching TV or going to a park. If you are truly affectionate towards your kitten, you’ll require to show your kitten that you are not one of those humans who just want to hurt her. To attain her devotion, you should start to make her feel as if you’re the best one to take care of her forever.

Things take time, and kittens take a bit more time when it comes to trusting someone. You can also show them your attachment when they go for a doze, showing her that you simply want to provide her parental care will make her feel that warmth. Just keep in mind- if your friendly cat ever wants to move away, please let them. Let her feel that their devotion would only be her choice- and later or sooner, she’ll be one you expect her to be.

Get a Place Ready for Her

The best way to warm up with your kitten, you should offer her a personal area at your place. That area should contain at least a bed, toys, and a food box so that she can feel like she’s one of your family members, particularly when you have a child or other pets at your place- henceforward she can start to adjust in the place. A friendly cat is generally one of those living beings who take time in adapting to their surroundings and adjust to new people.

Do Not Overfeed Your Friendly Cat

As we all know, food is equivalent to devotion. But when it comes to the kittens, the things are opposite. A recent study says most obese cats are quite violent in comparison to those cats who eat less. Most of the owners notified that their dieting kittens were devoted to them, sitting on their lap, and mewing more often. Nevertheless, those pets who are on diet feel cuddlier; the diet helps them to get away from obesity, annoying behavior, and diabetes. As mentioned earlier, things take time, but once your cat begins to adapt to you, you’ll be a pleased owner.

Wait to Bring Your Friendly Cat to Home

Never take your cat away from her mother or siblings until she completes her 8 weeks after birth. These 8 weeks are very crucial and essential for her to understand things as a kitten. The initial duration after her birth let her obtain that care and safety from numerous infections by her mother. Plus; if she’ll grow up with her mother in the initial stage of her life, she will also learn the love and affection towards others. Eventually, you too desire for the same that your kitten will the warmth from you as if you are her parent.

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Play with Her

A kitten is no less than a child and your kitten requires the same care from you as you provide to your own child. Most of the studies say; that if you play with your pets, they are more likely to be active and involved. Once your kitten starts to feel the lethargy; she’ll eventually be an irritating and annoying one, exactly the same as little kids do. According to those studies; kittens love human interaction more than they value food and the most noteworthy thing which tempts them towards humans is they adore an interactive plaything. Just add these interactions to your everyday life routine if you truly want your cat to feel the relationship with you as soon as possible.

Proper Nourishment

Raising a friendly cat will always feel happy if her body feels good. Taking care of your cat’s nourishment would lead to more promising parenting. But, don’t go for those cheesy and adorable commercials, instead learn about what kind of foods are good for your kitten’s health. Ultimately; a nutritious body is essential for a happy mood, whether we talk about cats or human beings.

Always make sure that you’re providing your cat with proper nutrition and taking care of the balance between fresh water and food content. Also, you need to learn about the vaccinations which are necessary for your cat’s overall development. Always go for the approved cat’s food rather than going for the homemade, at least till the age of 3 months. You can also consult an animal nutritionist, and that’s how you can show your affection for your little friend.

Socialization and Interaction

While talking about socialization and interaction; cats do love that, and once they start to feel safe in the environment- they make friends. In direction to make your cat happy, you can take her to the parks- let her play with other animals (the most suggestive ones are dogs) and other human beings, which makes her feel that she has an essence and people like her. Those cats who play with other animals are more likely to be active cats compared to those who only stay in a restrictive area.

As we discussed earlier, cats are those who just need their own space, and you can’t even force them to socialize with other ones. A forced interaction is not at all equal to socialization, instead, that will make your cat feel as if she is not worthy of you.

Lock Away a Few Things

Now; the time has come, when you are going to sweep your whole place. Undoubtedly, you’re going to play with your cat everywhere at your place- whether in your living room, bedroom, or your kitchen. All these areas at your place need to be clean and hygienic for your little cat- and of course, you will eventually get up with a tidy place.

When it comes to your cat’s safety; you require to lock away a few things like electronic gadgets, beads, pins, and poisonous chemicals. You just don’t need to leave anything out that your cat can search for which would be harmful by touching or eating it.

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Believe Yourself, You Can Teach Your Friendly Cat

Again, you need to believe in yourself that you can train your cat sooner or later. Patience is the essential key when you decide to achieve any sort of goal. A positive mindset and following the proper efforts are the methods for training your cats. Just like little kids, you do not require to yell at your kittens- and can’t punish them for their behavior, instead; you need to uplift your kitten for her behavior. And if; your cat appears to be stressed or lousy, you need to give her the proper medication to make sure she’s doing good.

The Most Sociable Cat Species

As discussed in the introduction part, there will always be a typical fight against kittens is that are not devoted to their owners. While a few kittens affectionate less towards their owners, others adore the value of relations with humans and their fellow pets. Here, we’ve gathered a few cat breeds for you to understand better and decide, which one is for you?

Maine Coon

Talking about Maine coon; they primarily belong to the American territories, and their history was always a riddle. Maine coons are seeming to appear quite big in size but don’t delude yourself with that as they are the most favorable and affectionate cats towards their owners. These cats are known as sociable cats who adore a pleasing cuddle with their favorite ones, like humans of every age, and love to be around with their loving nature. As the study says, Maine coons are considered a smart cat breed with excellent quality of hunting.


One thing about Siameses is they are the noisiest cats- and, you will eventually know if your cat is feeling comfortable or not. Siamese cats are considered affectionate and loyal to their favorite personalities, and unlike they show in the movies- this specific breed is very devoted to their owners.


Ragdolls are the most adorable cat available as their silky plush-coated hair makes them attractive. Obviously, along with a devotional characteristic, you’d love your cat if she looks adorable. And; it’s not about just her looks, she tracks their favorite humans from door-to-door, loves to be around them, and welcomes them- I mean, who doesn’t like her then? Plus; this specific breed of cat is considered a low-Maintenance cat and the only thing she expects from her favorite humans is adoration as this little creature just loves to be loved.

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Unlike Ragdoll, Sphynx doesn’t have a single hair as this little cat is furless. And, because of this- they are not likely to be liked by human beings; but, regardless of the fact, Sphynx loves humans. As noted, they don’t have hair and especially adore humans for their body heat.

Sphynx are eager for attention and the value to be around human beings as they are considered the friendliest lap cats.


Bombay cats are known as the most friendly cat of all time; and, if you’re a person who loves to go out to different places, you are totally a Bombay cat person. And; it’s not just their nature of being such an active breed, Bombay cats can steal a sight of your eyes with their black-colored fur and copper eyes.

Imagine, you’re lounging on your couch and you see Bombay is cuddling you by your side… How would you feel? If that image makes you happy, Bombay cats are totally up for that.


Remember, in the early part we mentioned patience is the key to obtaining success- So; till now, you might understand how to raise a friendly cat at your place. Whether you are adopting Ragdoll, Sphynx, or Bombay; it would be totally your choice. But every pet is like your child as they need love and care, and with that, everything is possible. The only tip you need to follow is to show the affection and care your friendly cat requires.