Not many cat owners thought of shaving their cats and generally, cats do not necessarily be required to have a shave if they live in a cool place. However; depending on the climate, they require a proper shave oftentimes. Shaving your cat is compulsory and quite worthwhile for her; if your cat has wounds or such skin diseases because by shaving her, you will be ultimately aiding in reducing the bacterial infections and promoting cleanliness.

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As a cat owner, you might be the one who loves to maintain the hygiene of your cat. But; have you ever thought about why shaving your cat is important?

Can You Shave a Cat? Everything You Need About Shaving Your Cat.

Typically, kittens do not honestly mandate to be shaved, but grooming or shaving your cat could be a necessary part of your cat has the following issues:

Wounds or skin disease

As mentioned earlier, they considered cats a sensitive species and they could get several infections. By grooming or shaving them, you will be helping your cat fight against such skin diseases and easily cure the wounds or cuts.

Matted fur

If your cat has a lot of matted furs, they need to be cut. Honestly, the matted fur is the worst part for a cat owner while grooming. If your cat has these mats on her skin, there are chances that your cat can get any sort of skin disease. However, by brushing your cat on the daily basis, you can avoid matter on your cat’s skin.

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As a cat owner, who would like to see his/her scratching herself all the time? Ever wondered, why do that? Excessive shedding can cause this condition and the only solution for this is frequent brushing or shaving your cat oftentimes.

Many cat owners who are irritated with their shedding cat choose to shave their cat. Who wants cat hair all over the house? Nevertheless, shaving your cat would not be the permanent resolution of this issue, but it might support minimizing the amount.

Grooming challenges with obese cats

It could possibly be a tough part if your cat is obese or aged as your cat can get some cuts while grooming.

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Get Ready to Shave Your Cat

The Decision

If your cat has matted fur or excessive shedding, shaving would be the best solution for that. The extreme level of matting and shedding can harm your cat’s skin, as well as she could get some skin diseases. An additional reason for shaving your cat is- hairballs, allergies, and dirty bottoms.

Typically, the cat’s hair is designed to keep her cool in the season of summer and this hair coats help them to maintain warmth in the winter. But if you’ve already decided to shave your cat, you would require extra care for your kitten from now onwards.

One more thing you need to know is that not every cat likes to be shaved, as there are a few cats with high aggression and some aged cats can become upset after getting shaved.

Contact a Pet Groomer

Yes, you love your cat and you love to groom her on your own. But grooming without consulting a pet expect can result in a cut on the cat’s delicate skin. Cats can easily be harmed by clippers because of their thin and soft skin. Consulting a professional would be the best idea if you are thinking of grooming your cat.  Another fact- cats feel anxious while getting shaved and you might not be able to handle them while shaving. However, pet groomers know how to calm your cat while shaving.

The Preparation

If you have already decided to shave your cat at home, you will be required with a few things to remember as being prepared would make it easier for you to shave your cat.

Assemble required accessories

You would be required to arrange latex gloves, proper-fitted clippers, a few blades, and a brush. As suggested by the pet experts, you can even buy a pet hair clipper from your nearest pet store. While purchasing these tools, just make sure if you’ve purchased them specifically for the small animals instead of the humans.

Look for a partner

Shaving your cat alone can be dangerous as the cats don’t feel good while getting shaved. You will be requiring someone to help you control your cat during the process. And, always look for the one, who already knows your cat. As cats are reserved and they don’t like strangers, your cat would assumably feel safe with that fellow.

Choose a location

Choosing a location is the difficult part, as cats have very thin hair which can make your house messy. A Garden or bathroom would be the best option to choose while shaving your cat.

Choose the Groom Style

Choosing the desired cut before beginning with the shaving is a necessary part of the process. You are required to choose the best grooming style for your cat and start to shave accordingly.

There are a few haircuts recommended for your little kitten:

  • Comb cut: Comb cut is the most typical haircut for kittens. This specific haircut demands a simple trimming to only 1 inch in length. Comb cut assists in minimizing the development of matted fur and diminishes the chance of hairballs. If your cat is suffering from a skin disease, a comb cut lets you check her skin easily, and allows giving her a medicated bath.
  • Dragon cut: Have you ever desired to train a dragon? No? You can fulfill your dreams now by giving your cat a dragon cut. Same as the lion cut, the dragon cut is also considered one of the most aesthetic haircuts of all. But this haircut required a qualified groomer who can use the clippers and blades perfectly.
  • Post-Shave Care

After you are done with all the required steps, it’s not the end of the process. You would definitely be required a few post-shave cares for your cat. Following are the few key points you need to remember after shaving your cat-

  • Regular bath
  • Brow dry
  • Sunscreen application


However, shaving your cat is not usually mandatory, and if you’ve decided to get a haircut for your little kitten, you can always consult a pet grooming expert as we mentioned several times. However, don’t shave your cat if she doesn’t feel comfortable having it.

Usually, compared to the cats with short hair, long-haired cats need regular shaving, which helps them fight against excessive shedding and matted fur. Try to train your cat for grooming just after a few weeks of their birth, then only they will be comfortable with the grooming process. Research indicates that the cats who are experiencing such grooming sessions from their birth, are more relaxed and they also feel adjusted to the shaving sessions. Frequent grooming will obviously keep your little kitten’s hair coat fully functional. On the other hand, brushing will also assist in minimizing the shedding and matt development.