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Prevention, Symptoms, And Treatment For Cat Strokes

Just like humans, cats too are susceptible to a stroke. Not very common, but yes, they are. Mild strokes in cats can be missed as they are minor and involve memory issues and dizziness.However, if you notice a severe symptom, then urgent vet attention is required. Check

How To Care For Cats After Neutering?

To begin with, we should know the answers of a few questions related to neutering which is also known as spaying or castration. The answers to these questions will give you a clear picture about this process. These answers will tell you about how you can take

Cat Zoomies: Why Your Cat Gets Them & When to Call the Vet

Some unusual habits of cats known as cat zoomies nature. It’s not usual cat nature, but some cats have a zoomy behavior. You wondered why cats were even doing the zoomies because it seemed so odd. Cat zoomies are a very unusual nature among pets. As a

The Facts About Cat Genius Will Amaze You

The Facts About Cat Genius: We don’t employ felines for investigation and police work or bomb-sniffing. Most people might say kitties are intellectually unfit for such complicated tasks, but could they perhaps be as clever as dogs? The answer may amaze you. One thing we do know

Cat Allergy: How to Care for a Cat If You Are Allergic to Cats

Nearly 33% of Americans who are sensitive are also extremely sensitive to cat allergy and dogs. The number of people with feline sensitivity is also twice as high as that of canines. The reason you have allergies can be difficult when you have a pet in your

How Smart Are Cats: The Facts Will Amaze You

If you want to know about the smartness or intelligence of a cat, then you must communicate with the people who are cat lovers. The people who are cat lovers or own a cat as a pet must give you some good examples that will illustrate to

9 Cat Exercise Your Pet will Enjoy

One of the most effective methods to keep your cat in a good shape is cat exercise. Maintaining their activity burns calories that they would otherwise consume through meals. Master should consider that their cat should do daily exercise to be in a good shape. It is