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5 Fun Cat Activities To Keep Your Cat Busy

Being a cat parent you are always ready to sneak peek with your cat. The playtime of you and your cat never ends, always in a mood to play. Cats are always in a mood to have fun around and when it comes to know about its

11 Ultimate Tips on How to Find Your Lost Cat

Have you ever had a pet and lost it while you were busy doing something else? Did you ever happen to lose your cat? If you hadn’t then, we wish you don’t, ever, but if the answer is “yes,” you might be familiar with the fact that

Cats Yowling: Why Do Cats Yowl, And What Is The Reason Behind It?

As the parents of cats, we can often hear sounds like yowling, purring, and hissing from our pets. Although vocalizing is in the nature of the cat, and we should not be too worried about that, some of the sounds can be troublesome. Another commonly made sound

The Facts About Cat Genius Will Amaze You

The Facts About Cat Genius: We don’t employ felines for investigation and police work or bomb-sniffing. Most people might say kitties are intellectually unfit for such complicated tasks, but could they perhaps be as clever as dogs? The answer may amaze you. One thing we do know

The Best Cat Beds (Review) In 2022

Have you owned a cat recently and looking for all the essential stuff that will make your pet cat feel comfortable and cozy? If yes, then the most important thing that you must never miss buying is the cat bed. Buying the best cat bed might seem

Why Cats Feel Like Kneading All The Time?

We all know that cats are not like dogs. They are different and mysterious. They like to go independent while doing a lot of things and do not need you to accompany them. In the same way, they might suddenly feel like showing some affection and do

What Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You? Understand Cat’s Behavior & Body Language

Not everyone aspires to become Jackson Galaxy or Mieshelle Nagelschneider. If you do not know who they are, they are renowned cat behaviorists. You might not want to understand every cat’s behavior but knowing what your cat is trying to tell you is an essential aspect of

Best Cat Trees and Tower in 2022

A cat tree provides a means for cats to exercise and play. It allows your cat to jump up and down, run, and hide inside the various levels of the tree. This helps to keep your cat healthy as well as happy.  Cat Trees are available in

Best Cat Muzzles (Review)

Most pet cats are friendly, nonviolent animals who adore their human family the most. Yet just like human beings, cats have different natures and personalities as well, some can be very silent, and others can be very violent. Some situations can, however, make the quiet cats turn

Why Do Cats Adore Boxes?

If you are a cat parent, you must have taken note of your pet’s obsession with boxes. You may often wonder why your cat loves boxes so much in the first place. You can shower your cat with as many toys as money can buy but they