It is easy for humans to express their annoyance or disappointment with things or people they do not like. However, our feline friends do not have that luxury. We love cats for how playful and quirky they are. However, cats are also particular. Consequently, they tend to run away from scenarios involving things they do not appreciate. Cat parents can ease the troubles of their loving pets by finding out more about the things they dislike.

Has your cat been acting out recently? Is it not reacting well to your petting? Read on to know more about ordinary cats’ pet peeves!

List of 21 Things Your Cats Absolutely Hate

there is a list of 21 things that your cats absolutely hates.

1. Cats Do Not Appreciate Change 

If you are a cat parent, you must have noticed that you get moody due to a change in environment. Generally, it takes a lot of time for them to adapt to new environments. It is more challenging when they have to move out of a place they previously liked.

If you plan on relocating to a new part of the town, expect your cat to sniff around or be impatient. When your cat is adapting itself to its new home, please remain patient. Once your pet is done exploring, it will come around eventually and fall in love with its new home in no time.

2. They Dislike Stares 

No one likes being stared at by others. However, cats, unlike humans, don’t have the luxury to express their annoyance. Don’t be surprised if your cat acts out in the middle of a staring competition. It is because they tend to think of long stares as a sign of dominance. Cats are moody creatures who do not appreciate someone else dominating them.

If you are a cat parent, avoid staring at your cat for no reason, as your pet may display aggressive behavior or even fear. 

3.  Our Feline Friends Do Not Prefer Low Temperatures 

Cats aren’t the biggest fans of winter, which is why you might find them acting weird on a cold day. Did you know that ice and snow aren’t suitable for cats’ coats? The latter isn’t made to protect our feline friends against cold weather. However, it lends good protection when the sun is scorching hot. Please make sure to take extra care of your cats during the winter season and not force them to go out for walks if they are unwilling.

4. Aversion to Certain Kinds of Smells 

Cats are particular when it comes to smell. While most humans love the smell of lemon, thyme, and lavender, cats do not. Did you know that certain essential oils are not cats friendly, which is why they may flee from them? 

They also dislike the odor of eucalyptus, certain soaps, deodorants, pepper, pine, banana, and so on. Is your cat pulling away from your hug? It is probably because your pet doesn’t appreciate the perfume you are wearing.

While cats love eating fish, they do not like it once it has gone out of date. If the fish has been around for days and has started giving off a putrid scent, consider against serving it to your cat. After all, your pet may also end up falling sick.

Humans don’t like going near trash, and neither do cats. So, please remember to clean out a dirty litter box

5. Cats Are Wary of Strangers 

Even human beings are doubtful when they come across strangers. It is not uncommon for cats to run and hide when they hear cars pulling up or strangers coming in. Your cats can also get easily surprised if they hear a knock or footsteps outside the door.

If your pet is acting strangely around your new friend, please give them some time to get close. 

6. They Hate Taking Medication 

Cats dislike antibiotics or pills being forced down their throats against their will, and doing it can make your cats antagonistic.

Thankfully, experts have found a way to administer medication without any hassle. You can now hide these medications in their food quickly. Cats need their medication to stay healthy. Please remember to be extra careful.

7. Too Much Attention or Not Enough Attention 

It would help if you also were vigilant while showering your cat with affection. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats do not love too much attention. They might show a bad attitude when you act too clingy towards them. When it comes to following your cat around or petting them, be mindful.

At the same time, make sure that you are not ignoring your cat. If you have too much work on your plate, your cat may start to feel neglected. Meanwhile, the neglect can give rise to depression or stress in your cats. They can even display destructive behavioral patterns such as accidents outside their litter box.

 Indeed, cats aren’t overly affectionate like dogs. However, this does not mean that they like being left to their own devices. Please make sure to take some time out of your daily schedule and play with your cat. Most felines will let you know when they need love. They will rub up against your leg or purr incessantly. When they do, make sure to shower them with love and care.

8. Cats Can Harbor Feelings of Jealousy towards Other Felines in Their Territory 

Cats are possessive of their owners. If they come across a strange cat out of nowhere or see you showering your love on another feline, expect them to act out. They start thinking of the other felines as their competition and become aggressive as a result. They will compete when it comes to food, treats, and even affection.

However, they will come around eventually. Your feline friends are solitary creatures and need some time before they can accept other cats in their territory. 

9. Nail Cutting

Most cats hate it when their parents try to trim their nails. If you want your cat not to make a fuss while trimming its nails, you should start cutting their nails from a very young age. They will get used to it eventually and start thinking of the activity as a part of their lifestyle. 

10. Stale Food 

We often think that no one likes stale food. However, dog parents will know how much their pets love-worn food items. Unlike canines, cats cannot stand the sight or smell of food that has gone bad.

If you don’t want your cat food to go stale, you should implement some changes in your daily routine. Reduce the portion of the food so your pet can finish its meal. In case of leftovers, chuck them in the bin after they have been out for 30 minutes. 

Please remember to wash the bowls carefully before serving food to your cat. It will get rid of any still odor.

11. Refrain from Petting Your Cat Aggressively 

While it is true that cats are natural predators, they are also soft and cuddly creatures. Cat parents should avoid aggressively petting their cats. Doing so may lead to your cat getting agitated and acting out. It may also stimulate your cat’s fight response. Please remember to be gentle with your cat at all times. 

12. Brush Your Cats Carefully 

If you have made your cat comfortable around a hairbrush from the time it was young, you have nothing to worry about. However, cats that haven’t undergone the same training will run away when their owners bring out a brush. 

13. Loud Noises 

Most cats dislike loud noises. They can even get spooked because of a sneeze. Cat parents can’t walk on eggshells around their cats all the time. However, humans should be extra careful.

Cats are natural predators, and domesticated cats may still possess predatory instincts. As a result, a sudden noise or thump can make your cat feel as if it is in danger. Cats also do not appreciate fireworks, car horns, and loud parties.

14. Tummy Rubs 

Dogs love a good old belly rub but not cats! If anything, cats will try and flee if they feel a tummy rub coming at them. Did you know that tummy rubs can make cats feel vulnerable? As a result, their predatory instincts may kick in.

If you try to rub your cat’s tummy forcefully and they end up hurting you in the process, it means that you should respect their protests. If you continue doing it, you may end up with scratches all over your hands, and your precious pet may incur injuries as well. 

15. Baths 

Just like dogs, cats also possess a solid aversion to baths. They just do not like getting wet at all. However, they do like to be well-groomed and take special care of themselves. Pet parents can, therefore, get rid of their worries.

16. Cats Hate Traveling in Cars for Too Long 

Once a cat gets accustomed to a specific routine, they become alert the moment a change happens. As a result, you might face some troubles while taking your cat on a long car journey with you. The prospect of being locked in a car throughout the journey can make a cat jumpy and anxious. Also, motion sickness is common in cats. Please remember to take necessary precautions while going out on a trip with your pet cat! 

17. Do Not Treat Your Cat Like a Baby

While we may consider cats to be our precious babies, they do not appreciate being treated like one. Here is why. Humans often tend to cradle their cats like newborns as a display of affection. However, this can put your cat in an awkward position which they can’t get out of.

When it comes to felines, the golden rule is to let them come to you and not the other way around.

18. Do Not Cover Their Litter Box 

Humans may prefer the sight of covered litter boxes over open ones, but this does not mean that cats share their feelings. Cats love their litter boxes to be available so that they feel the air coming in. Experts recommend against the usage of closed bins as it prevents airflow. 

19. Our Feline Pets Dislike Being Trained Like a Dog

Dogs love every inch of the attention their owners throw at them. Even if it is a rigorous amount of training, dogs will comply. However, cats react adversely to a similar kind of training. If you want to teach some tricks to your feline pet, you will have to find alternatives. 

20. They Don’t Like It When Humans Touch Their Paws and Tails 

It is common for dogs to extend their paws when asked to but not cats. Their feet are some of the most sensitive regions of their bodies. Cats also hate it when their human parents try to play around with their tails. Cat parents must practice restraint when it comes to touching the paws and bottoms of their pets. 

21. Do Not Rouse Them from Their Naps Unceremoniously 

Even the most patient of creatures does not like being awakened from their naps. When you try to rouse your cat from its nap abruptly, they may end up getting frightened.

22. Microfiber Furniture

We love this type of furniture because of how smooth and friendly they feel. However, cats love digging their claws into things, and smooth surfaces do not offer that experience. 


Cats are creatures of habits and display a strong aversion to change of any kind. If you plan to relocate to a new place or intend to bring home a new pet, please do so carefully. If your cat is acting strangely due to any recent change, please give them some time to come around.

Our cats and dogs do not like loud noises. Human beings should become more careful using horns, firecrackers, and other materials to create unnecessary noise.