Have you lost your cat? And looking for ways on How to find your lost cat? There is complete 11 tips on how to find lost pet.

Have you ever had a pet and lost it while you were busy doing something else? Did you ever happen to lose your cat? If you hadn’t then, we wish you don’t, ever, but if the answer is “yes,” you might be familiar with the fact that mostly once you lose a cat, you never see them again.

Accidents happen, and your cat is an innocent creature, is not able to make it back home. However, if you still have got your cat with you and do not want to lose it forever, then here are some tips on how to find your cat even if you lose them by mistake.

List of the 11 Ultimate Tips on How to Find your Lost Cat

Losing a pet is more common than most people believe. Within the first five years of acquiring their cat, about 15% of pet owners will lose the animal. In spite of your greatest efforts, it occurs in a split second.

Knowing how to discover your lost pet should be part of your emergency plan because time is of the essence in improving your chances of recovering your missing cat.
These suggestions will come in handy if your cat disappears.

#1. You can put up colored photos of your lost cat in and around the area

Although this sounds like a very obvious trick, delaying this step will be of no good. Once you realize you should not wait up much and get on with this trick as soon as possible. Colored photos are suggested as they will help people recognize your cat better.

#2. Leave a flyer every door

The step mentioned above is useful, but even if people find your cat later, they will not be able to contact you as no one bothers to remember the contact details. However, if everyone will have your contact details at their doorstep, then they will be in a position to inform you where they saw your cat last. This tip might cost you some extra bucks, but it is definitely worth it.

#3. Giving a QR Scan code on your sign

We all have seen the QR scan codes trending. You can also upload the picture of your kitty on social media, create a QR Scan code and set a URL that guides people back to people there. Now, everyone might not understand how a QR Scan code works, but all those who do will have every little detail right on their phones. This is also not at all expensive compared to the last tip.

#4. Keep refreshing the flyer

Many times, when the flyer is seen lying around, people think that the cat might already have been found by now, and there is also a possibility that they have thrown the flyer. If in case your cat is still missing, then you can make another flyer with a new date that tells people that still the cat is missing, and it has been long now. Also, you can add your emotions so that people feel connected with you and might want to help.

#5. Spreading cat food in some places

Cats are known to reside in places where they get plenty of food. Since your cat has been with you for a long, you might have discovered your cat’s favorite food so consider attracting your cat by its favorite food. This will work wonders.

#6. Try looking for them at the best time

According to the experts, cats roam around freely on streets when the whole world is asleep, which is around 2 a.m. You should step out at this time with a tin can of cat food and a flashlight. Try shaking the tin can after opening the can, as it helps in attracting the cats within minutes.

#7. Watch the footages of your CCTVs

If your house is equipped with a security camera system, then consider checking the footage of the same. Many times, the pets are taken away by the burglars. This will help you in saving a lot of time as you will be able to capture the face and can take necessary actions after that.

#8. Check out the local pet shelters.

The people of this world are not as rock-hearted as they seem. There are many kind souls who worry about a lost pet and care to take them to these local pet shelters where they will be taken care of till their owner finds them. Also, if you have a habit of putting your details on the cat collar of your cat, then the person in charge of the shelter home will himself contact you.

#9. Use social media

This is the most commonly used trick these days. You can also post the pictures of your cat on social media with your contact details and ask your friends to share them further on. This chain of sharing the details will surely help you out in finding our dear cat.

#10. Check your area completely

Make a point to check your locality without any stone unturned. For this, you can even take the help of your family, friends, and neighbors. The more people, the better and quicker will be the results. Don’t shy away from disturbing your neighbors with your issues. In many cases, the lost pets have been found enjoying their time at the neighbor’s place. Also, if you have that one pet thief kind of person in your area, then consider checking his home first. If they deny checking his house, then try taking something that is valuable to them. If they try to threaten you, then you also make them learn some laws regarding pets and how he is putting himself in trouble.

#11. Call police

If you have any hint or even the slightest of the intuition that your cat has been stolen, then contact the police for urgent help. There are many people who steal the pets and then sell them off for their profit. Also, there are catnappers, who are known to steal and sell the cats to big companies who use these cats for the purpose of research. Save your cat some pain and rescue it before any harm is done to the innocent creature. The local police will be able to help as they might have a list prepared of such criminals with which it will become easy.


Do not lose your heart. Everybody who has a pet feels the same pain as you upon losing a pet. Even after losing your cat, there are numerous ways to get your cute kitty back. Just follow the steps mentioned above. Some or the other way, you will help you get your cat back home.