Cats are a little naughty and curious but it doesn’t mean they do it intentionally or they are notorious. As believed by many people, cats are mischief or wild. The nature of activities of a cat might be a reflection of people or pets that they meet in their near surroundings. Some cats are quick learners and they learn new things in just 1 or 2 meetings. But, not letting them go out of the house or stopping them from meeting new people or their pets can make them dull. Then, what you should do in such a case. Don’t be worried, there are some tips for raising a friendly cat that help you to raise your cat in a better way.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat

Treat your Cat like a Baby

Just like a human needs to cuddle when they are infant or child, cat in their early childhood, i.e., when they are kittened they need to get treated like a baby. In the early few weeks of their life, you need to bottle feed them. Cats do need to be taken care of and cuddled to make them friendly by nature. These are the best tips for raising a friendly cat, as they will be aware since childhood of being polite to others.

As quoted in many studies, the 8 weeks of starting a life of a kitten is the precious time when have to cuddle them and baby feed them. You need to train them in that time and make them aware of many social things or activities. You can also pat your cat’s head when they are sitting close to you when having completed their task or learned a new thing.

Gentleness raises Gentleness

Many kittens or cats are there who are wild, even after being a pet. This is just because of the nature of what they have learned from their master. If you are always harsh to your cat and do not respond to them in a good way, then your cat may learn the same and give the same response to the persons who visit your place. In that case, it might be pretty embarrassing for you.

If your cat is also the same there here is a tips for raising a friendly cat. You must raise your cat being gentle and polite. If you will be gentle to your cat and behave to them in a good and polite manner, they will also learn the same thing and respond in an effective manner that will please everyone in your surroundings as well as the people visiting your place.

Reward Your Cat’s Good Behavior

Some of the cats are mischief in nature instead others just want to play with your when you are around them. They might grab you or keep irritating you until your start playing with them. If your cat is stubborn, then you must treat you cat in a better way. If your cat is not showing good behavior then you must try these tips for raising a friendly cat.

When your cat behaves in a better way or shows good behavior praise them with a good reward. So, your cat might learn that they have to behave in a good way and whenever they will show good behavior they will get a good reward for it. A good reward for a cat can be anything they like most as their food, or you can appreciate them with the patting them on their back or head. Rewarding your cat whenever they behaved in a better way will be great tips for raising a friendly cat.

Make Your Cat Meet New People

Your cat might lack social indulgence with people or other pets, if you do not let them meet others, go out of the house for a walk, or involved in other outdoor activities. This might make your cat dull and lazy as well. You must need to enhance the socializing skills of your cat. Use these tips for raising a friendly cat and make them social with other pets or the people who are visiting your place.

Take your cat out for a walk daily so that they can meet new people and their pets. These small meetings can bring a huge change in their behavior and make them learn new things as well. Before making your cat meet new people you must take care of whom they are meeting so that they must get to learn good things only. People or their pets can be a threat to your cat. So, while they make a good connection with people you must keep an eye on them.

Always Available for Your Cat

There are times when your kitten needs you by their side. This might be because they are afraid of anything or anyone, they need to get cuddled, or they might feel lonely. As a consequence of which your cat will start hiding from visitors coming to your home or they will be doing their stuff only, ignoring your orders. To get rid of this activity of your cats follow these tips for raising a friendly cat.

In such conditions, you must take care of your kitten by being available to them whenever they need you. You can show them your affection towards themselves and let them relax in your lap. You must give them their favorite food and let them rely on their favorite activities which they do in their free time. This might help you as tips for raising a friendly cat and also helps them not to get afraid of people or other pets.

Make Time to Play with Your Cat

The favorite of your cat is when you are available to play with them. All the cats or kittens want their masters to play with them. It is a great activity to encourage your cats and make them active. When you play with your cat you plan a daily activity for them, or you always look for some new games or other things that can increase their smartness.

You can play many games with your cat which can make them interactive as well as resolve their inquisitiveness which is a part of their nature. Cats and Kittens both are very much fond of their play or walk time. If you make time to play with your cat, it will affect them and drag them towards positive change in them which can be amazing tips for raising a friendly cat. We recommend you to try this once and you will get a positive result.

Keep Your Cat Healthy

Sometimes, there are huge possibilities that the behavior of your cat has changed because of being unhealthy. How can your cat behave well, when it doesn’t feel well internally? It can be an impact of the weather, any allergy, or other things that have recently changed in your surroundings. Try to know the reasons why your cat is being unhealthy, it can also act as tips for raising a friendly cat and can be beneficial for you shortly.

Once you got aware of the reasons behind them being unhealthy you can take your cat to a doctor to keep your cat healthy. Taking your cat for a regular check-up and giving them proper treatment when required, can help you to raise your cat effectively.

Train Your Cat to be Friendly

Like a good potter can give a great shape to the soil, in the same way, a good trainer can also train a cat in any manner. Whether your cat is good or wild, if you are a good trainer, you can train your cat on how they can be friendly with people or other pets. One of the simplest things, you can train them is whenever you call them by their name they must listen to you or respond to you. You can also train them to follow your finger to do a task. This can reflect the smartness of your cat. These are the most important tips for raising a friendly cat and can also be effective training.

Give a Personal Care Touch

Your cat needs to be get pampered some time as it can make them get relaxed. Many people like to pamper their cat regularly, like, they will comb and brush their hair, gives lots of attention to their cats, hold and massage the feet of their cat, trim the nails of your cat’s feet when required, feed their cat by themselves and indulge themselves in of the activities that are loved by their cats. These types of activities help them experience personal touch care in all of their activities whether it’s having food or their playing time.

When you pamper your cat or help them in these activities, they feel happy and it gave rise to a friendly nature in them. This is an easy and cool tips for raising a friendly cat that you should be in habit of.