Whether you’re a new cat parent or an experienced crazy Cats Boredom, each kitty has its unique temperament and peculiarities. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine whether your kitten is bored or just tired. Read on to know the in-depth answers to all these questions.

List of 5 Ways You Should Follow to Relieve Your Cats Boredom

Every day after I get home from work, my cat Amelia is there to greet me. Soon after I adopted Amelia, I started to wonder what she did during the day before I heard her eager meows as I parked my car in the garage. There were indications of restlessness, such as a drawer that had been pawed open and litter crumbs on the countertop. I even discovered proof that she had been perched on top of the vertical blinds in the living room.
I recently sought the opinion of Amy Shojai, a trained cat behaviour consultant and the author of numerous pet books including “Complete Kitten Care,” on the topic of cat ennui. Her comment mirrored my encounter with Amelia.

Do Cats Get Bored?

Cats are smart animals that need a ton of mental and physical activity to live life. Just like humans, if cats spend an excessive amount of time doing nothing, they’d soon begin to get restless. This is especially true for indoor cats if they find themselves stuck inside the same four walls – it usually isn’t long before they start craving some action to get their brain going. However, the excellent news is that you can perform plenty of activities to prevent your cats boredom. 

How to Tell if Your Cat is Bored?

Telling if your cat is actually bored or just exhausted is difficult. It’s best to check out the below-given list to see how many can be ticked off. However, keep in mind that your cat’s traits can also indicate health issues, which might need immediate medical attention.

Quarreling with Other Pets

While this is usually one of the typical traits, it can be the most problematic. Whether it’s chasing the family hamster or pouncing at and attacking the home puppies, a feline’s pointed claws can often imply immense distress for other family pets. The reason behind this behavior could mean that your kitten is bored and is looking for some stimulation from other family members – and other pets are the perfect playmates!

Tearing up the Drapes

Cats are hunters by nature. They like to jump, run, and climb. You can often find your cat climbing up the curtains or other furniture of your house. While this can result from minor irritation from homeowners, or it can be a sign of your cat suffering from boredom.

Grooming Behaviors

One of the most significant hints your cat struggles with boredom is their new obsession with grooming themselves. Although cats, in general, are very clean and tidy by nature but, cleaning and grooming themselves more than once is a massive sign of cats boredom and is perhaps when you should pull the car to provide a stimulating environment for your feline.


Another huge indication is when your cat is eating more than usual. Given that if your cat’s toileting patterns remain constant and there’s no other health issue, then it is plausible that your cat is bored of its environment and needs your extra care and attention.

Escape Attempts

One of the most severe signs is that your feline has become so bored of its home environment that it tries to escape from its homeplace. Kittens that are undergoing extreme boredom may look for a new environment to escape cats boredom. This could be extremely dangerous if you happen to live somewhere with direct road access; it can lead to accidents – especially if your kitty is mostly kept indoors and has no road safety training and awareness. 

How To Relieve Your Cats Boredom?

If the traits mentioned earlier sound like your cat, don’t panic; there are ample ways to keep your cat active and relieve its cats boredom busters. From using everyday products lying around your home and playing with your kitten regularly to purchasing new cat toys to keep your cat’s sanity, keeping your kitty happy doesn’t cost a lot! Look out for these tips to keep your cat active:

Scratching Posts and Pads

Scratching posts and pads are the most common and well-known toys of our little ones. Excellent for many reasons, these shared scratching posts can work wonders for kitties to pass their time and keep them active. Not only are they great for fatal cats to keep them engaged, but they’re also ideal for assuring the health of your kitty’s claws and paws.

Felines require a good quality scratching post to plunge their claws into, so investing in adequate scratching towers is beneficial. You can try opting for the best cat scratching pads instead of massive scratching towers if you are low on space. These have the same effect but consume less room. 

Exercising Toys

Cats are the most active animals. While you might not hope to see your cat jogging around in the cat exercise wheel, you’d be amazed how many unique modern technologies have incorporated the necessities of your furry friend. 

For example, a good quality cat tree includes additional hiding areas and comforting scratching posts, and fun hanging toys for added stimulation when motivating those hunting instincts.

Minor Redesign

While this may sound quite expensive, do not worry and keep reading. You can use whatever you have at your place to redesign, such as a well-placed window or even your garbage box, you can fight your cat’s boredom with treasure hunts and great mental stimulation ideas to keep your cat occupied. Even something as simple as a paper bag with some food or their special treats can make a big difference in your feline’s interest levels.

For instance, adding some steps for older cats to more easily access windows can keep your cat entertained with bird-watching for hours, or shifting their litter tray frequently can make your feline use their smelling skills and keep them engaged and interested. You can even use the best cat tunnels to create another hiding spot and enjoy some hide-and-seek. 

How To Relieve Your Cat Boredom While At Work?

If you aren’t around the house all day, then you may be worried that your cat’s boredom will cause them to run riot in your household. However, this doesn’t certainly have to be the case. Use these tips to manage a cat’s instinctual behavior, and you can be sure that you’ll never come home to a ruined house again.

Puzzle Feeders

Ideal for either hiding food in treat balls or everyday dinnertime, a puzzle feeder needs a little more effort to yield a reward than regular cat bowls. They moreover have the increased benefit of keeping your feline active and keeping them entertained for longer.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are commonly associated with dogs, but the best cat chew toys are explicitly constructed to cater to your cat’s needs so that they can incorporate their natural demeanor of kicking with the proper nutrient supplements in mind.


Hopefully, these suggestions and tips will give you a ton of ideas to combat cat boredom. However, it’s worth noting that if any of the above choices don’t have a significant effect on your cat’s attitude, it can be worth visiting a local vet to rule out any health problems.