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Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets?

Observing your cat’s behavior is a must. It can be striking, and it can be humorous, but, occasionally, it can be a mystery. A typical case of odd behavior is sucking blankets. Some owners find it cute, and others find it annoying, but they must find its reason. It can help cure serious health problems or any other issue with time on hand in a worse situation.

Kittens and Blankets

Blanket sucking is very common in young kitties. This behavior is very similar to human babies. Kittens may be predominantly fascinated by suckling wool or other soft products. Your cat can look for any soft object to suck on because of not successful weaning. If you consider it suckle, spot attempts to replace ‘nipples’ like maybe your ears. Added signs your cat has been impulsively detached from their mom include: – It’s incomplete.  

• Aggressive behaviors”

 • Fearful behavior

• Difficulty with naturally learned behaviors, such as grooming.

• Frequent illnesses due to a weakened immune system.

Your Adult Cat and Blankets

As far as kitties are concerned, sucking on blankets is still fine, but if an adult cat displays this behavior, it is something to ponder. It is rare for adult cats but not completely unlikely.

There can be a danger of pica if they gulp in too many fabric threads from the blanket or anything else that can cause stomach or nausea infections. If your cat sucks on blankets, look out for issues, such as:

• Diarrhoea

• Constipation

• Reduced appetite

• Vomiting

• Lethargy

Why does a cat suck on blankets?

We’ve previously debated that kitties are most likely to suckle owing to their dissuading experience. Still, there are instead a few other motives for “cat blanket sucking” that we should look for. Some reasons for blanket sucking are listed below.


A grown-up cat can suck blankets because of habit from a young age, and it is likely because they were detached from their mom very early. There is nothing to worry about. However, they don’t need to be weaned any longer, and it’s just a habit.


Likewise, your cat might be doing this because it’s comforting to her. If your cat does this usually when it’s all happy and peppy and wants to express joy, there is not much to worry about unless you are worried about your blankets being ruined or the cat suffering from pica.

Their Breed

There is no clear evidence on it, but some of the cat breeds are noted to suck more on blankets than others. If you own an Oriental breed, say a Siamese, they tend to chew more on blankets than other cats.

Their Environment

An adult cat can resort to blanket sucking maybe because of something stressing it out in the environment. The reasons could range from a change in the house, weather change, a new set of furniture, etc.; look around the house and notice if something can stress out your cat and fix that as soon as possible.


Signs of anxiety can include- hiding around the house, avoiding playtime, and excessive licking. Cats tend to be anxious as compared to other animals. Talk to your vet about this and do specific changes at home that can help reduce your cat’s anxiety.


Another common reason can be that your cat is missing someone. Has someone passed away in your family recently? Someone your cat was perhaps close to, or maybe another pet. It can be their way of grieving. Cats can get attached to their loved ones very firmly. Thus, it can be hard for them to cope.


If a cat sucks on blankets, it is possible that it’s in pain and needs a vet’s urgent attention. Cats not only suck on blankets when they are in mental pain, but even physical pain can also be a reason. This cause can need your immediate attention and a vet’s appointment.

How To Stop Your Cat From Sucking Blankets?

If you think your cat is sucking on blankets due to contentment and all the happy reasons, then you may not need to worry and make a vet’s appointment. But if you are worried that there can be some other cause to it, you should look into it in depth. Below are some measures that you can take to control the behavior of your cat.

Create a stress-free environment

If the cat’s environment can be something that you think is causing them stress, you should consider making some changes in your environment. Try resetting up the furniture and everything. Look out for anything that can be a cause of stress for your cat. Make it a comfortable setting and provide them with their personal space.

Designate a sucking blanket

If your only concern is that your beautiful and expensive blanket is being ruined, get a blanket for your cat, especially for sucking on it. This way, you can save your blanket, and your kitty can have her behaviour continued.

Redirect their behaviour somewhere else 

If you want to stop this habit completely, start by redirecting their mind somewhere else as soon as they start sucking on the blanket. Try giving them behavioral pieces of training, take the blanket away every time they come near it, scare them away, or give them some other toy to play with.

Take them to the vet

If you think that this behavior is due to some pain your cat is going through, then it is vital to take it to the vet and get a check-up done. Apart from that, even if it is not the consequence of pain, your vet can offer you some tips and advice on how to control the blanket sucking habit of your cat.


Cats can suck on blankets for a variety of reasons and it is not always a matter of concern, but if you think that it can be something serious then do consider talking to your vet and not overlook the problem.

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