Why Is My Kitten Crying? Learn about How to help them to stop cry.

You must have faced difficulty in taking care of your new kitty. In the first few days you will be facing some issues in tackling your kitten. A feline creature is hard to take care of because like any other pet, cats are a bit different in nature. 

They are not effortless at expressing their emotions. A whole bunch of responsibility comes on the shoulders of a caretaker. Generally, a kitten is so unpredictable that it can cry anytime and you might never know the reason behind it. You can stop kittens crying by being available for them. 

The kittens are so uneasy and difficult to predict that sometimes the caretaker is clueless about the emotional burst of the kitty. Crying in kittens depends on various factors which need to be discussed with you, so that you can be able to observe your kitten’s emotional setbacks. You can even stop a kitten crying by showing her affection and kind gestures. 

You can stop your kitten from crying through a few tips and these tips will help you to form a beautiful bond with your kitty. 

A cat can weep and you least get to know about the situation. A kitten can stop crying if properly taken care by the caretaker. A caretaker can easily stop a kitten crying by a very few and simple steps. Make sure that you try to follow these tips and be the best caretaker for your kitten.

For new kitten caretakers, we have come up with a few tips that will help you in understanding your kitty more aptly. 

We have mentioned very genuine reasons to stop kittens crying. These reasons will help you in figuring out how you can stop your kitten from crying.  

Why is my kitten crying?

To know this you have to stay connected with us till the end of this article. There are a few reasons behind your kitty’s weeping. We are mentioning a few of them and make sure you get on these tips aptly.

So just like any other baby, cats too cry for some realistic reasons. You can stop a kitten crying by simply knowing the reason behind their cry. The kitten may cry due to following reasons like;

(a) When they need affection

Generally, a kitty cries because it wants your attention and affection all at the same time. You can simply be available for them when they genuinely need you. Your presence will calm them down in a split second. 

    (b) They need food

    Usually a kitten weeps as she might be feeling hungry and due to starvation she is crying. Make sure you provide her enough food to swallow it down. Once you get her some good or favorite food to eat, she will automatically rinse off her crying face. It is found that cats cry when they are hungry. 

    (c) When they want to play

    Cats are literally unpredictable when it comes to portraying their true emotions. At one place you find her sitting quiet and at the other moment you will find her weeping. 

    The reason for the cat’s crying might be her urge to have a fun playtime with you. All she wants you to play with her and you will see how easily she stops weeping. 

    How to help them stop

    You can stop a kitten crying by following a few ways and the ways are as follows. 

    (1) By being available for them 

    Sometimes your cat might be feeling low and only needs you to be around. Keep this in mind and make sure that you are available for her when she genuinely needs you. 

    Many times a cat is found weeping because she is hungry, this can easily be sorted out. You can give them good food to eat and set them free to eat whatever she desires for. 

    This is the best therapy you can give your cat and always finding out time of being available for her can fortunately build up a stronger connection between you both. Eventually you can stop kittens crying by making such small efforts. 

      (2) By taking her to a doctor

      Most of the time a kitten cries because she is in pain or maybe unwell. You need to keep a regular check on your kitty and must provide her with a routine vet visit once in a while. Taking your kitten to a veterinarian when she needs it, makes you a good caretaker. 

      It happens when your kitty is not doing well for a while and is kind of off the track. You need to take over the charges and take your cat to a vet as soon as possible.

       A regular vet check ups can help your cat in staying away from any viral diseases. This can help you to stop kittens crying and make your kitty happy. 

      (3) By taking her out for a walk

      Taking your kitty for a routine outdoor walk is a must to do everyday. A walk in nature can help you and your cat in vanishing the bad thoughts. Cats too face depression and bad thoughts, a walk in woods is so helpful for them to overcome all those unhealthy thoughts in a go. 

      Cats cry if they are not given this space to stay free for a while and this can be even helpful for  them in defecation. A walk in the woods is a must to be looked after, especially for pets. This will definitely help to stop kittens crying and will satisfy your kitty. 

        (4) They are feeling uncomfortable 

        It happens quite a number of times when the feline friend feels uncomfortable. It generally happens when your kitten is new to the family and yet not familiar with the people around. Things will become difficult for the furry baby as she will take time to get around with people who are new to her. 

        This might make your kitty weep and it’s normal because she is not comfortable. You can stop a kitten crying by making her comfortable with the people around and staying there for her at least for a few days until she gets accustomed to the surroundings.


        You will get there soon if you follow these few tips and ways to tackle your furry friend. We are pretty much sure that this article will be a good use to you. This will definitely help you to stop the kitten crying. Things will get smooth. Happy petting!